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Photo Tips for the Capturing the Best Holiday Memories this Year on the Suncoast

| Angela Naff |

In the age of the selfie, the fine art of photo-taking has seen a shift in the style and manner in which people take pictures. How many pics do you have on your phone, tablet, or computer that never see the light of day because of lighting, the setup, or such things that don’t make it a great photo op? With the holidays right around the corner, family and friends gather for the holidays. Music festivals, fall events, fairs, and other gatherings bring our favorite people together, meaning it is time to think about capturing those memories properly. Here are a few tips and tricks for amazing photos to capture this happy time of year and those that gather with you to me these times even more special.

Pick the Perfect Lighting

I know this seems like a logical picture-making idea. Now, look at that reel of photos you currently possess, and how many of them missed the mark on lighting alone? Lighting can have a massive impact on how nice an image will be. Such as taking pictures around sunrise or sunset might result in a photograph with beautiful and colorful light. If you share your images on social media, you may find pictures with this kind of lighting do really well.

Close UP for the Winning Photograph

Some photos just beg for up close and personal focus on the main subject. Check your depth of field (aperture setting) and be selective about the point of focus, then move in close. Take a few shots that fill the frame with the subject you want to be the main focus. Keeping a bit of the background in the frame usually helps set the scene and adds to the story. Of course, be watchful about how objects are positioned in the background—avoid things that jut out of heads, cause distractions, or don’t fit with your holiday theme.

Up Close and Personal
photo courtesy of Lindsay Silverman

Stop the Posing!

 You can learn a lot about shooting family gatherings from wedding photographers. And some of the best of those pros avoid rigidly posing their subjects, even when they are asking people to stand together for a group shot. Often, it’s best to let people congregate, more or less, instead of positioning them in a certain order. You can still get the cousins you want in the photo while avoiding the stiffness that often emerges when you ask people to stand in a certain order. Another important tip: While you are shooting, try casually chatting with individuals in the group to put people at ease. 

Off-Center is Better

Instead of placing your main subject in the center of the scene – with a lot of dead space around it – move your camera until this subject is off to the side. This works especially well if you can balance your main subject with something in the background, on the other side of the picture. For example, if you photograph a beautiful candle, try placing it on the right with the Christmas tree (or an equivalent supporting element) blurred softly in the background on the left. This will result in a photo that both records the candle in all its beauty and does so in an artistic, creative way.



We all have heard horror stories about influencers and others photoshopping their uploaded content to a degree that can be comical. That said, editing for tiny color nuances and such can make your holiday photos next level. Here is a great LIST of photo editors for everyone, from newcomers to advanced, to give those special occasion photos a punch up to the next level.

Are you ready with the phone or camera to spectacularly capture the end of 2022? Those memories that will bring a smile to your face throughout the year are just waiting to be taken. Good luck, implement some of these strategies and print those pictures out this holiday to display or scrapbook for those moments when you can get eminence about the greatness of this fall and holiday season.

Happy photo taking, Suncoast!

Photo Courtesy of Deposit Photos

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