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With the economic crunch in full swing and little relief in sight, we’ve had to reset our priorities as to how much we can still afford to give to our favorite charities.  In the Sarasota County area there are 342 legitimate charities, and that’s just Sarasota.  In Manatee County there are 290+ public charities and probably more since “Charity Navigator” last surveyed the totals.  My friend likes to remind me that Sarasota/Manatee Counties have a charity for every cause, and the lifestyle of being involved, even a little, demands that you dig deep and give donations.

I do believe the right to know how much money goes to staff and expenses should be a part of public record.  Some non-profits have quite a bit of overhead.  www.charitynavigator.com offers up the idea that if the charity is spending more than 33.3% of their total budget on overhead, that organization is not meeting its mission.

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McKechnie Field


The Florida State League is a Class A minor baseball league operating in the state of Florida.  It is one of three leagues currently operating in Class A Advanced, the third highest of six classifications of minor leagues.  Each team in the league is affiliated with a Major League Baseball team, and most play in the affiliate’s Spring Training Facility.

Now for some history: The league was founded in 1919, and has continued almost entirely uninterrupted to the present day.  Most players in the Florida State League do not reach this level until their third or fourth year of professional playing.  The League originated in 1919 with teams in Bartow, Bradenton, Orlando, Sanford and Tampa.  The League closed down in 1928 and resumed playing in 1936, then they continued playing uninterrupted, except for the World War II years, from 1942-1945.

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Leslie Hinsz & Hubby, Paul


I had the pleasure of speaking, up close and personally, with Leslie Hinsz of LeslieSRQ Productions, as well as Parties by LeslieSRQ, a large party/events group of singles who meet at different venues for dancing, drinking, eating, and just having a wonderful time. She is like a firecracker, all energy and movement, always thinking and planning the next great idea or function. Leslie is a native Sarasotan and loves her home town with a passion that expresses itself in the excitement on her websites, down to the creation of unique and inspiring events and videos.

Leslie has always recognized what a ‘gift’ she was given being born and raised in Sarasota!, She related to me her fondest childhood memories and the complete wonder and love of growing up in this paradise we call home. Leslie took advantage of the various cultural events and ballet lessons, singing lessons and participation in local events. Leslie is not shy and retiring…she grabs ideas every hour of every day and puts them out there into cyberspace.

 Log onto www.lesliesrq.com and see for yourself. It’s an exciting website filled with amazing graphics, colors, and examples of her videos. Included in her video offerings are business promotional videos, Mother’s Day videos, holiday and occasion videos, and memorials that will

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Not Going Down Without A Fight


My dear friend Laurie Harris has pancreatic cancer.  Laurie and I hooked up when we were in the 6th grade and became boyfriend and girlfriend through the 7th grade.  I was about 4 foot tall at the time and she was a foot taller than me……or so it seemed!  I always tell her that I still remember dancing a slow dance with her at a 7th grade party resting my head on her chest!  She always says “what chest.”   Well, I guess it was the height difference and we moved on from boyfriend / girlfriend to forever friends. 

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The Brain by Laurie Mirkin


Laurie’s life has involved a lot of reinvention.  Now, at age 60 plus, she has done it again. New location. New job. New relationship. New healthy lifestyle. She has embraced chaos, change, growth, and grey hair with equal abandon.  The only thing that Laurie will never reinvent is her sense of humor. Thank goodness for that.

Perhaps I’m a little overly-concerned with the condition of my brain, but it’s scary to think that you could be entering full dementia and even your best friend might not tell you.  Ask me the words to all the songs in the 60’s and 70’s and who played what instrument in what band and I would be the music version of Jeopardy’s Grand Champion, but please don’t ask me what I ate for breakfast because I can’t remember.  And I don’t feel like digging in the trash, thanks.

It seems irresponsible to do nothing and not worry about whether you’re taking the right supplements, doing all those clever puzzles that Dr. Daniel Amen sells as part of his brain longevity infomercial on PBS, or reading enough material to keep neuroplasisity occurring ini your brain.
 I speak to my friend Liz every day.  I report to her what’s going on, fill her in on anything controversial, and every single time we speak she says “you already told me that twice.”  Then I start getting paranoid that I’m really losing it.  And then there are the “talks” I have periodically with my significant other.  Or are they lectures? (and should I be taking notes?)

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Everyone dreads a cold or flu symptoms. The cold and flu season has arrived in full force in the Sarasota / Bradenton area and according to all accounts it’s a rough one. Here are ten simple tips; ten healthy habits that will help you avoid colds and flu symptoms.  Most important.  GET A FLU SHOT!

  1. 1.Bar soap is a perfect breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Wash your hands frequently with liquid antibacterial soap instead of bar soap.
  2. 2.Don’t share drinking glasses. Instead, use disposable cups in the kitchen and bathroom, using each cup only once and then disposing.
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You might not have heard the name Mark Kracker, a quiet, unassuming man of great talent, who I am proud to say is my friend.  I’ve never met a nicer guy, who is always present when help is needed for a charity event or to support a friend or strangerContinue Reading

Cove Cleaners Sarasota Florida


Voted the best dry cleaning establishment for 12 consecutive years, Cove Cleaners has 7 locations for your convenience, and absolutely free pickup and delivery of your garments from your home or workplace. But this isn’t what separates Cove from the rest.

Misconceptions about dry cleaning are rampant. At one time or another we’ve tried the cheapest dry cleaner only to realize that what we pay shows the low level of care and the lack of quality and attention given to the finished product. Cove cleaners is environmentally concerned at all levels; they use only the solvents and soaks that are bio-degradable and safe for the environment. They also sponsored the biggest hanger reclaim campaign to reuse hangers and keep them out of the local trash. This helps lighten the load of non-disposable trash at our dumps and shows that Cove Cleaners really cares.

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Learn To Fly A Plane


I think we all fantasize about having the chutzpah to jump out of an airplane, go bungee jumping, or driving a race car. Most of us never think about piloting a plane. We’re so sure that the requirements are both too expensive and that we need to be in much better physical shape. According to the Universal Flight Training website, to begin this journey you must first have a “Discovery Flight”, which entails going up with an instructor and getting the feel for what flying a plane is all about.

The next step is to complete your Private Pilot Flight Training with an instructor. There’s actually a curriculum put together by the Universal Flight Training people to ensure you learn all you need to be a safe and assured pilot. Training certification can be earned in the following

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One thing that you’ll quickly learn when researching online job opportunities is that the wealth of information out there can quickly become overwhelming.  Perhaps one of the most important parts of making money online is to be able to weed through the distractions and stay focused on learning, work, andContinue Reading