Hippies Hanging Out


I can remember skipping school at 16, hopping the train to NYC with my friend, our “beatnik” clothes in a shopping bag.  We were going to the Village, Greenwich Village, where the original pre-hippie “beatniks” hung out.  Peace symbols, sandals and “Nirvana Now” buttons everywhere, head shops abounding, and mischiefContinue Reading

New York Jets


In the Fall of 1963, my dad came home from work and said “hey, there is this football team called the NY Titans. (they were playing at the time in the old Polo Grounds) They are moving into the brand new “Shea Stadium” to play football under the name ofContinue Reading

House Guests


We have house guests this week. Having house guests is a unique opportunity, not only to tidy things up around the house, but to see our surroundings through new eyes and to deeply appreciate the fact that we have created a truly charming, inviting, and sometimes downright creepy environment. WhenContinue Reading

Westbury High School


If the village of Old Westbury was the mansions of Long Island’s Gold Coast, then Westbury was the gatekeeper’s cottage.   Westbury was a beautiful small village with a rich history to go with it if you took the time to look for it.  When starting on the northern end ofContinue Reading

Goldie Hawn


A favorite activity of celeb mags, when they aren’t detailing Taylor Swift’s boyfriend du jour or the imminent break up and/or marriage of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, is to haul out photos of older actresses and to shriek “More beautiful than ever!” “Never ages!” “What is her Secret?” “TheseContinue Reading

Proper Airport Dress


For those of you who operate at a higher level than worrying about remembering to pack enough snack food, More Magazine offers an article titled “How to Travel Chic—And in Comfort.” Michael Kors, world-famous celeb designer and judge on the hit TV reality show, Project Runway, offers his top 5Continue Reading

Laurie Harris Westbury High School


As many of you know, our dear friend and Westbury High School Classmate, Laurie Harris is battling Pancreatic Cancer.   I know that she is in everyone’s prayers.  Laurie’s husband, Neal Levy posts a blog about her progress.  With Neal and Laurie’s permission I am re-posting the information here.  Neal makesContinue Reading

Larry Rifkin


I Believe that the object of Life, and the desire of whatever ‘Higher Power’ we believe in – Wants us, and is … to BE HAPPY, ENJOY our time here, and Live in a State of Well-Being. *What works for me, and what I use and share with my clientsContinue Reading

Savannah Brady


I am getting ready to celebrate one of my favorite holidays: Grandparents Day! Yes, it really is a holiday. In fact, President Jimmy Carter signed it into law in 1978. Although it is called Grandparents Day, the originator Marian McQuade wanted to designate a day for families to visit theirContinue Reading

On The Road To SRQ


On The Road To SRQ, how did you get here?……In a city where VERY few people are ‘native Sarasotans’, I have always found it fascinating to know HOW and WHY people found their way to SRQ!  This is the 3rd of a series of articles featuring some of your FavoriteContinue Reading