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Twinkle Yochim & Sande Caplin

Out Of The Muck Comes The Lotus Blossom

| Sande Caplin |

My Mom always told me that “out of the muck, comes the Lotus Blossom” or something to that effect.  It’s an old Hindu / Buddhist saying that pretty much represents the way she raised me. “Everything happens for a reason”, “Follow your Bliss”, and “God has a sense of humor,”  stuff like that. Anyway, as is true much of the time, she’s right.

Throughout my life, these philosophies have gotten me through, taught me how to live effectively and happily and find balance no matter what.  And lately through another dramatic twist, they are proving once again to be of service…  Thanks Mom.  

And thanks Sande Caplin and his “team” of Associates for building a badass website for the band Rock Soul Radio, and me. We were presented with this incredible site on Friday during our Acoustic show at Bob’s Boathouse, when in comes Sande, armful of red roses to alert us that the site had just gone live. All of a sudden  the entire audience are looking it up on their phones, and mere hours later, the website had been viewed in 25 different countries, wow!!  The band and I are excited to expand on this and will all have blogs, live concert podcasts, a store, etc.  We are writing for the new album and have got some kickass new songs for ‘The Ballad Of Buddy Yochim.’  So thank you all for your support and encouragement.

“Go Get ‘em Guys’ etc. and thanks for listening, without you there is no music.  The future is bright, and Everything Happens For A Reason.

Love, Twinkle

Our Kickass Webiste

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