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Online Casino In Florida: Is It Possible?

| Sande Caplin |

Will the state finally follow suit after New Jersey opened its doors to online gaming?

With New Jersey recently reopening its doors to online poker and casino, virtual gamers are now getting hopeful as more states will soon imitate the state’s move in welcoming online gaming back in its territory. According to website C5, Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware became the first States to legalize online gaming again. “With the doors to the world’s largest gaming market finally opening, 2014 will be a year of incredible opportunity for gaming operators and industry service providers, bringing first access to an online market that is expected,” the article said. While online gaming serves as a lucrative way to increase state revenue, some states are still shying away from virtual casino—while others have already been thinking about following the footsteps of the NJ, DE, and NV.

Of Online Gaming Platforms and Licenses
When New Jersey announced that it will once again allow online gaming operators to conduct business in their jurisdiction, virtual gaming moguls rushed to the state to secure the necessary clearances to operate—however not everyone was lucky enough to get a head start. According to Yahoo Finance, one of the UK’s largest online gaming portals has been recently granted to fully launch and operate its gaming platform in New Jersey. “Betfair is offering online gaming in New Jersey under an agreement with Trump Plaza Associates LLC, a New Jersey Internet Gambling permit holder,” the Yahoo article explained. With more than four million registered gamers, the renowned online gaming portal has established its presence in the US gaming industry through TVG. Apart from Betfair casino, a lot of popular gaming platforms are following the same path. Industry analyst Joe Brennan Jr says that since the successful launch of several gaming platforms in these states, this will be an opportunity to make the gaming industry more established in the country. “Legislators in large-population states such as California, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Michigan are closely following New Jersey’s efforts,” Brennan said.

With that saying, and due to possible profitable opportunities of online gaming in the United States, is it possible this soon will conquer the shores of Florida?

Online Gaming in Florida Today
Florida is reportedly offering gaming since the time when its tourism has reached its peak. Its resorts are known to cater gaming activities since the beginning of the 19th century. And because of the enthusiasm of its locals towards gaming, the state established a strong gaming base despite its wavering gaming policies. Today, Florida does not license or regulate any online platforms just yet. While there has been news about the potential gaming legislation, casino players will have to continue to enjoy their favorite casino games at websites allowed by other countries for the time being.

However, not everyone is pretty pessimistic when it comes to Florida’s gaming policies. Professional poker player Donna Blevins believes that sooner or later, the state will soon jump the bandwagon and enjoy the benefits of online poker in the country. “Poker is not going away. It’s time Florida state coffers started to benefit from the revenue,” she said.

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