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Ocean Antics

Ocean Antics – A New Educational and Entertaining Podcast Here on the Suncoast

| Angela Naff |

Here on the Suncoast, we are surrounded by amazing beaches and wonderful ocean views. Unfortunately, along with providing fantastic sporting platforms for scuba, fishing, paddleboarding, kayaking, and sunsets, our oceans have a lot of issues being addressed. Red Tide, Sargassum seaweed blobs, and other impactful occurrences continue. Now, a new podcast by a New College of Sarasota graduate and my daughter Vic Dina is tearing back the curtain on research ships. She will talk with scientists working on the ocean today, researching, cataloging, and providing the data to better predict, fix, and educate the generations to come. via the new Ocean Antics podcast.

Vic graduated from New College in Sarasota in 2020 with a Marine Biology degree and has continued graduate work at Rosensteil School of Marine, Atmospheric & Earth Science in Miami. She has been on two research ocean transects during her time working on her graduate degree, spending months at sea in a variety of water sampling roles. She is doing this podcast for her graduate project to help bring the science going on to those of us interested but not working in the field directly. Much of the data collected and distributed to numerous learning institutions will impact future decisions and information dissemination regarding a host of ocean topics. Ocean Antics is basically a peek into this world few get to see.

One other interesting fact regarding the host of this podcast happened when the Sargassum seaweed was headed toward Florida last year. Vic was interviewed in the middle of the ocean, being one of the first from the United States to see the blob firsthand. See her interview below at time stamp 1:03 to see her direct from one of the amazing research boats this podcast discusses. Many of those on that ship, her previous boats, and scientists in labs working with data these boats collect will be interviewed on this fascinating podcast.

Ocean Antics is a deep dive into the lives and work of marine scientists at sea. The podcast is intended to be both informational and entertaining to a wide variety of listeners as the host and guests explore topics in marine science and ocean careers, as well as after-hours sea stories and antics. If learning more about this amazing natural resource from a Florida local scientist and a host of her friends is of interest to you – tune in today for the latest episodes.


Photo courtesy of Vic Dina and Ocean Antics Podcast

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