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Nutritious You, Healthy Deserts

Nutritious You, Healthy Deserts in Sarasota, Florida

The idea of making healthy desserts started with Marina’s daughter. When she switched her to a “clean” diet due to her health condition, she couldn’t give her just any dessert and you know the kids have to have some dessert!  Their clean diet consisted of no refined sugar/flour, no highly processed ingredients, no chemicalized sweeteners, no artificial flavors, or any lab created food-like products. She was sensitive to gluten and dairy so they stopped buying those too. Her diet was however rich in fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds, and free-range no-antibiotics meat and wild fish when possible. 

Marina and the entire family had to stay consistent and chose only ingredients that are in line with “whole food” diet. Thanks to these changes, her daughter was healed in two weeks and you can read the whole story here.  Ever since then, Marina has been making her unique desserts for special school occasions and receiving great reviews! Now, her daughter always has tasty and nutritious treats available and doesn’t feel left out. 

This is how production of healthier vegan truffles came to life. Marina now offers them to a local community of Siesta Key and Sarasota and makes them to order.  They Vegan Nut Trufflesare minimally processed with nutrients intact. They include all natural and organic ingredients and you can order them directly by contacting Marina thru her FB page:

Minimum order is 20 mini truffles ($20). They come in two flavors right now: cinnamon-pistachios and raw cacao-coconut. Delivery is available on Siesta Key for FREE and in the Sarasota area for $50+ orders and it is $0.56 per mile coming from the Turtle Beach area.  Pick Up is available on Thursdays by arrangements at the Earth Origins store on Stickney Point.

You can learn more about Nutritious You Treats and Marina’s holistic work here: and or call them at 941 726-7400.

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