Nothing Better Than Sarasota Farmers Market

Nothing Better Than Sarasota Farmers Market

We spent Saturday morning at a very special treasure in Sarasota.  The Farmers Market is truly a gem on Saturday mornings!  We met so many nice people who were vendors, and visitors who came to look, eat, enjoy and buy!

Fresh Flowers at the Sarasota Farmers Makret

From their website, Their Mission:  Our charitable mission is to create a social opportunity for residents and visitors to gather and interact, to bring foot traffic to downtown Sarasota sustaining the economic viability of the entire downtown area, to provide a venue for other not-for-profit organizations benefiting Sarasota. Inherent in our charitable mission is educating consumers and sharing knowledge about the products and services of local farmers, local businesses, and local artisans.

Dean Johanesen

Sarasota Jazz Project

We spent time listening to musician, Dean Johanesen and had a nice conversation with him.  There was also music by the Sarasota Jazz Project.  Along the way we made new friends, had coffee at Java Dawg and purchased locally grown vegetables from several vendors.

Sarasota Jazz Project

If you haven’t been to the market you are missing a special treat!  The market is open every Saturday from 7am – 1pm and is located at Lemon Ave. and Main Street.

Fresh Vegetables


Downtown Courtesy Shuttle

Sarasota Post Photos

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Dean Johanesen, Java Dawg, Sarasota Farmers Market

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