New Year

New Year, New You?

Happy New Year!  Can you believe our great fortune in witnessing another year rolling in?  The older you get the more important this becomes.  For those who know, you know.  2022, can you believe it?  We are all a little bit wiser and weathered by the past couple of years.  It has become such a new world that thinking back a mere three years feels so strangely long ago.  So much has happened and our thoughts and prayers go out to those missing someone today.  We are here for you.  And today, we are here to remind you that an updated version of you is possible.  New year, new you.

New Year

Okay, we’re not saying you should scrap the whole package.  “You” are wonderful! This is not a negative, hate on yourself kind of article.  That is not my thing. None of us deserve a complete do-over; life is hard, and we are all doing our best.  But learning something new or experiencing life a little differently than your norm does the soul good.   I think if you are able to set large goals and slay them, then all the accolades go to you.  But for the rest of us, making minor changes is the key to creating patterns of larger change, so we start small.  Some of us aren’t good at change and it has taken us a long time to realize that newness is actually healthy.

This is the year, to embrace your life and any little changes you want to make.  Last couple of years, that felt a little shaky.  But if you have been putting something off that intimidates, embarrasses, or otherwise scares you, now might be the time to jump in.  There is compassion afoot, despite what you hear on the news or see on social media.  Your supporters are out there as you decide to venture into new arenas.  Sometimes it is amazing the people who are rooting for you quietly or from afar.  And your naysayers— I hope you have stopped listening to them years ago.  If not, their time is up!  Don’t let anyone make you feel off or bad.  Smile, then just put them on ignore.  Time to do whatever it is you want to do.

To me, it feels like people know they are truly fortunate to be here, after what we have experienced in the past couple of years.  Many of us have lost someone and the hurt of that fills their void for now.  With time, their memories will replace the sting, mostly.  May we make a minor change in their honor, something they would be proud of.  Some of you are facing housing changes and challenges and you’ll be forced to live life differently.  We hope you embrace that, meet the people in your new neighborhoods, and support local restaurants in your areas.  Perhaps you can find a place to volunteer formally, which will support people who live nearby.  That is one of my small goals this year, to step outside of my comfort zone and see what I can do with my meager means. I don’t expect my life to be different overnight, but I know just making this one switch with a little of my time will allow me to not only give back, but to meet new people, experience new things and just get off of autopilot for a bit. 

We wish you all the happiest most grateful version of you.  Don’t forget to make those slight changes and always know a new version of you is absolutely possible.  We are cheering you on and want everyone to blossom in the best possible ways this year.   From my family to yours, Happy New Year to all of our amazing readers.  New Year, New You!

Photo courtesy of Happy New Year 2022 Images Facebook page and Jodi Schwarzenbach

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