National Relaxation Day

National Relaxation Day Ideas to Enjoy the Moment Here on the Suncoast

National Relaxation Day is an annual event on August 15th and is shared out with the hashtag #NationalRelaxationDay on social media. Take the opportunity to use the day as an excuse to enjoy a long lunch break, skip obligations to hit the beach, or do something else to just take a small break from the hustle and bustle of life. In order to get into the spirit of the day, we put together a few ideas to help you relax here on the Suncoast.

Get Off the Screens – Meditate

Spend some time off the screens. It can quickly make you feel overwhelmed and stressed by other people’s news and posts. You can put your phone down and do something relaxing like reading, painting, or cooking. Avoid screen time before bed. It can disrupt your sleep patterns.

Meditation is a great option, and meditation is a powerful tool to reduce stress and improve our well-being. You can meditate wherever you want! Download one of the many apps available that will help you learn meditation.

Pamper Yourself

Light a couple of scented candles, or start an essential oil diffuser. Aromatherapy scents are a great way to add to the atmosphere and put you at ease. Put on your coziest robe, and grab some soft towels and washcloths. Put on your favorite playlist to add to the relaxing ambiance. Lastly, make a refreshing pitcher of fruit-infused water to sip and let the day slip away along with all your worries.

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Staycations for Relaxation

Take a staycation and book a night at a local hotel to really unwind and treat yourself. Or hit the pool at your local community center or friend’s backyard. Either way, hanging out poolside will get you into the relaxation spirit. Cool off in the afternoon by going for a dip, then blending some margaritas with seasonal fruit. Sip, relax, and repeat.

Take in Nature

The benefits of spending time in nature, whether biking along the amazing trails here on the Suncoast or visiting a beach, can be a relaxing option. Walk a beach after work or maybe grab the kids after school and bike to explore together away from homework and chores for just a short time. We have so many amazing places you can see around our communities here on the Gulfcoast to truly unwind from our busy lives.

Write it Down

In today’s stressful world, finding a way to escape and relax is important. Writing is a great hobby and creative outlet. Not only does it relax and inspire you, but it can also improve your logical thinking, narrative skills, and creative thinking. Write about anything you want, and remember you’re not a novelist; this is a personal outlet for you!

National Relaxation Day
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So, what are you doing to enjoy National Relaxation Day? Did we spark a moment of inspiration, or did you come up with something on your own? Maybe hit a favorite restaurant on the way home, or call some friends to just kick back later today. Whatever it is, enjoy a deep cleansing breath and a wonderful moment of reflection for a moment today.

Happy Relaxing, Suncoast!

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