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Mother's Day

Mother’s Day 2021 Celebrating the Connections Here on the Suncoast

| Angela Naff |

There are a host of holidays and special observances throughout each year. Mother’s Day is one with such a range of emotions attached to this celebration each year. Most of us can applaud the amazing person in our life that brought us into this world. On this one day we and try our best to give her a small taste of what she means to us on this special day. Of course, others are not so fortunate, whether missing mothers who have passed or maybe tough family situations that make this special day bittersweet. Still, all of us have that strong presence in our life that hopefully impacted us in a way that no other could have done. Mother’s Day 2021 can help us all show our gratitude towards those who have had the biggest impact on our worlds.

Mother’s Day Not Just About Gifts

Mother’s Day in 2020 was a lesson none of us probably needed, and yet we all had to live through. Quarantine around the world forced us to discover Zoom, phone calls, and other means of communication as most could not be with their moms during this time last year. In 2021 things are freeing up, and we can once again, in many cases, pay a visit to mom, take her for a great lunch or maybe plan some other amazing outing together. The key is together. As any mother is sure to tell you, they love spending time in conversation, visiting, and experiences with their children more than any gift they could receive. This is the time when it’s the thought that truly counts when expressing our love and appreciation on Mother’s Day.

All The Big Influences

For some, it may not be a mother in the truest sense of the dictionary definition; they choose to celebrate on this important day. Rather, for those who may be in foster care, cared for by relatives or others, or even have a mother who passed, a friend or someone else may have tried to fill those shoes. We want to celebrate those humans with big hearts that filled the big shoes left by a mother unable to be with us day in and day out. These big connections that have paved the way for the people we are today deserve a single day for affirmations of these individuals who have been instrumental in each of our journeys.

A Few Mother’s Day Ideas

If you need a few ideas for Mother’s Day outings or maybe any time you can spend with mom, here is a brief list:

Painting with a Twist – a great outing with snacks, beverages, and doing a piece of artwork together might be just the ticket for a together experience.

See a Show – here on the Suncoast; we have a plethora of performing arts houses that bring so many amazing shows to our communities. Why not see one with mom this Mother’s Day?

Spa Day – whether massages, pedicures, or manicures are your bonding activity, this makes for a relaxing, calming, and amazing day together.

Brunch with Mom – there are so many amazing restaurants here in the Sarasota and Bradenton area. Many of them feature Mother’s Day brunch and buffet options for you to enjoy a fabulous meal together.

No matter how you choose to celebrate your mom this year, we know she will appreciate it. Whether from a distance chatting or in-person in a fun activity, Spending time makes this Mother’s Day super special. For all the moms out there, we hope you feel the love and appreciation for all that you have done for every one of us. Happy Mother’s Day.

Photos courtesy of Pexels

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