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George Steinbrenner Field

Mets-Yankees Game, It Can Test a Friendship!

| Sande Caplin |

On Tuesday night, I went to the Mets-Yankees Spring Training Game at George Steinbrenner Field in Tampa.  I am a diehard NY Mets fan, and my pal Vicky Sullivan loves the NY Yankees.  Why I would go to a game with a Yankee fan is a hard question to answer.  Yankee fans are a strange breed.  Met fans are the best!

A couple of weeks ago, Vicky mentioned that the Mets & Yankees rarely play each other in Spring Training so this would be a special game.  I reminded Vicky that I saw the Mets play in the World Series last year at Citi Field.  She did not find my comment very amusing.  I agreed to go to the game with her as long as I could wear my Mets jersey!  She agreed.

We drove up to Tampa and on the way shared stories about our favorite teams.  The Yankees have won many more “World Series” than the Mets and Vicky chose to dwell on that.  Ok, I have to agree with her that the Yankees certainly have a lot more to brag about.

Yoenis Céspedes

I have to admit that George Steinbrenner Field, the Spring Training home of the NY Yankees is very cool.  It reminds me of a mini Yankee Stadium.  Great food, awesome views and die hard baseball fans.  There were many more Yankee fans than Met fans at this game, so I was in the minority.  We spent most of the game walking around taking photos and catching some of the game action.  As you all know, Vicky is an awesome photographer and she got some great shots.

We ate hot dogs, had lots of laughs and at the end of the evening we agreed to stay pals even though we root for different teams.  “Go METS”…. (okay, Vicky you can say “Go Yankees”!

Baseball in March……It’s The Rite of Spring.

Michael Matz

Alex Rodriguez
Vicky Sullivan / Rock The Lens Photography Photos

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