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Memorial Day Weekend Weather Forecast on the Suncoast- Fake News?

Memorial Day Weekend Weather Forecast on the Suncoast- Fake News?

| Sande Caplin |

We were all expecting the worst weather conditions over the Memorial Day Weekend in Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, Anna Maria Island, Palmetto, Tampa- and the entire Suncoast.  The forecast was terrible.

We were told 80-90 percent chance of rain and winds all weekend.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I think all our TV weather forecasters are doing a fabulous job.  They study the computer algorithms, spaghetti models, they compare data, and make the forecasts.  Most of the time they get it right, but this time the gloom and doom did not come as advertised, and yes that is a good thing.

But what about the businesses that suffered, events that were cancelled, plans that were changed, and money that was lost?  The local economy suffered.  I’ve been told that unexpected dry air came in causing a lot of shifting of the weather pattern, thus less rain.  Yes, we certainly had some high winds.

Some of my best friends are restaurant owners and are on the water.  Their business suffered.  My friend had plans to take an evening cruise on the Sarasota Bay last Saturday night with his family.  Good think he didn’t cancel.  The weather was perfect.  Sunday and Monday were the same.  Yes, there was some rain and wind but not enough to keep folks inside. 

Further north and west of us was another story.  Those folks got hit hard and we pray that everything is okay.

It’s impossible to always get the weather prediction right.  I’m hoping that just maybe if there is a change coming in the forecast that is for the better, well maybe that can be blasted out in Social Media, TV and Radio.  Folks will come out of their homes and spend some money!!

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