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Meet My Artie

To see his photographs, you’d think you were looking at works in National Geographic, but they are indeed actually “Works of Artie”.  These exquisite photos are the product of local wildlife photographer Art Nadelman, who, among other things, happens to be my husband.  Art or “My Artie” as I affectionally refer to him, has been quietly establishing himself as a local celebrity in his own right and not just because he’s married to moi.  He has earned quite the reputation among the extremely discerning local birding community.  He has the uncanny ability to capture an image of a bird in flight at just the precise moment which allows a glimpse of the brilliant details that is oftentimes impossible to see with the naked eye.  This takes skill, talent and I can tell you from experience, patience.  I watch him work and I’m in awe.


I can continue going on and on about his keen eye and sense of commitment, but I would be guilty of gushing.  I will tell you that he does have the patience of a saint – again not just because he’s married to moi.  I believe he would have made a great teacher judging solely on how he’s taught me everything I know about photography. 

One of four siblings, Art was born in West Virginia and raised in Charlotte, NC.  He was a musical child prodigy, playing the bassoon with the Charlotte Symphony while in high school.  I’ll get back to that in a moment.

He continued with his newfound photog passion as he went off to college on a full music scholarship at Stetson University in Florida.  Anyone who knows this man wouldn’t be surprised to know that like everything he does, he puts 110% into it.  He became the University photographer.  Back then, of course, photography didn’t have all of the sophisticated technology and the conveniences we have today.  After graduating with a business degree, the lack of access to a dark room was the culprit for Art to give up photography.  It would be thirty years before he would pick up a camera again.


He realized early on in college that a career in music would be less than lucrative and so he graduated with a degree in Business Administration.  Did I mention he was also really smart?  He never lost that passion for photography or music though.

Years later, he would also get back into the music scene albeit in a more behind the scenes capacity.  I will take credit for that!  I was an acoustic performer when we met.  My Artie took it upon himself to take my performances up a notch and became a self-taught sound engineer, investing in PA equipment and quite literally, me.  Now he runs the sound for my solo shows as well as for my band, soulRcoaster as well as other bands.  He has built a reputation as a perfectionist and his musical training has served to enhance his skills as an engineer.

The old adage “Behind every man is a strong woman” works both ways for us!


Fast forward to present day.  We take our dogs on their daily walks and see the abundant wildlife.  To keep from getting bored, he started taking his camera with him.  His pictures were amazing, and it didn’t take long before he invested in some advanced camera equipment.  He has honed his skills in the past couple of years and has a social media page and website showcasing his talent.  Not a day goes by that I don’t feel grateful and lucky to have his incredible support, figuratively and literally.  Music and Art has a whole different meaning for us!

Check out my Artie at his website.


Photos by Art Nadelman

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