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Leslie Hinsz & Hubby, Paul

Meet Leslie Hinsz…aka Leslie SRQ

| Sande Caplin |

I had the pleasure of speaking, up close and personally, with Leslie Hinsz of LeslieSRQ Productions, as well as Parties by LeslieSRQ, a large party/events group of singles who meet at different venues for dancing, drinking, eating, and just having a wonderful time. She is like a firecracker, all energy and movement, always thinking and planning the next great idea or function. Leslie is a native Sarasotan and loves her home town with a passion that expresses itself in the excitement on her websites, down to the creation of unique and inspiring events and videos.

Leslie has always recognized what a ‘gift’ she was given being born and raised in Sarasota!, She related to me her fondest childhood memories and the complete wonder and love of growing up in this paradise we call home. Leslie took advantage of the various cultural events and ballet lessons, singing lessons and participation in local events. Leslie is not shy and retiring…she grabs ideas every hour of every day and puts them out there into cyberspace.

 Log onto and see for yourself. It’s an exciting website filled with amazing graphics, colors, and examples of her videos. Included in her video offerings are business promotional videos, Mother’s Day videos, holiday and occasion videos, and memorials that will

have you reaching for the Kleenex box. Having Leslie do your video means she gives you 110%, because having her name on them means she’ll settle for nothing less than perfection.   (Although she will never brag-it’s just not who she is.) Also visit her Facebook Group Page (SRQ APPLAUSE) and see the encouragement she gives almost every person who visits her page.

Her life took her to Memphis, where she initially spent 12 years with a local architectural firm, then opened her own Architectural firm & Construction Firms after studying for and receiving her General Contractor’s License. When she wasn’t working, you could often find Leslie singing at a local Memphis Jazz or Blues Club. She spent 27 years in Memphis, missing Sarasota every day. In 2000 Leslie returned to Sarasota, having closed down 4 different companies in Memphis. Although Memphis gave her some solid experience including ultimately being the Executive Director of a Homebuilders Association, her heart was in Sarasota.

What should I do now, she thought to herself. And shortly after arriving she put together her first singles group event and held it at Marina Jack’s. She had no idea who would attend and was flabbergasted and encouraged when 420 people showed up. Leslie spent most of her time from that point on, searching for suitable venues and bands to continue her singles group events, and beginning to make videos of these parties. And let me not forget to mention that her Facebook Group Page is positively interactive and has attracted close to 3500 members, who, by this time have become friends.  SRQ Applause

Leslie has a wonderful husband, Paul Marron, who is his ‘own talent’ & she credits him with refining her skills in the art of creating videos as well as just being an invaluable presence to help in any way he can at an event. In fact, she met Paul at a singles event 4 years ago! I call Leslie my Social Media Guru, as she produces videos, organizes events, and helps support both National (The Wounded Warriors), and local Non-Profits & Charities. You’ll find her on Facebook often, responding to almost all of the postings she gets every day and being a source of encouragement to so many.

I have to say about Leslie that she is a true professional; she is all business when she needs to be, but never underestimate the heart that beats under that Super Woman shirt… she has an unmistakable heart for people and she gives a lot to the community.   

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