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masks required in Sarasota

Masks Now Required in the City of Sarasota

| Suncoast Post Staff |

Effective at midnight on July 1, 2020! Masks are now required at most indoor and outdoor public places in the City of Sarasota. This is being done to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.


Children under the age of 18, schools, daycares and non-city government agencies. People for whom a face covering would cause impairment due to an existing health condition. Those working in a business or profession who do not interact with others.

Those who maintain physical or social distancing from others. And those where a face covering would prevent them from performing their duties. Those who are outdoors or exercising while maintaining physical distancing. And those who are eating or drinking.

The order will be in effect for 60 days, but the commission can revise the order at just about any time.

When asked, the Mayor of Sarasota Jen Ahearn-Kach said that she received many emails and calls from local businesses and residents asking to pass this ordinance.

Complimentary masks available

Complimentary masks are available outside of Sarasota City Hall, 1565 1st Street, from 9am-noon on Tuesday, June 30, and Wednesday, July1.

The Florida COVID-19 Response website is an important source of information listing ways to help prevent and prepare for COVID-19. Visit the website at

The Suncoast Post strongly supports wearing masks indoors and outdoors at public places to help reduce the spread of the virus.

Photo from Deposit Photos.

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