Make Christmas a Verb

The holidays are magical and lyrical, a time when true loves give gifts for a full twelve days and rocking around the Christmas tree is all the rage.  It is a coming together of all people, who want joy for the world and wish all a Merry Christmas.  There is a little dashing through the snow, (not here in Florida though) and tales of a frosted snowman (also not here in Florida).  It is the most wonderful time of the year, to be sure.

But what if we turned all this holly-jolly, merrymaking into a full-time gig?  Instead of trying to fit all of this goodness into a few weeks at the end of the year, it might be a nice turn of events to keep this joyfulness going throughout the year.  Let’s turn Christmas into a verb of love which we enact over and over again.

If we are honest, we all spend too much time and money to find the perfect gift so we can let someone know how special they are. What if we put that same time and attention into giving something wonderful to our people all year-round?   It may sound cliché but giving really is better than receiving. And, you need not have budgetary concerns to spread raw kindness.  A wonderful note, drawing, poem or even framed photo with a card containing a few sweet words is all it takes to put a smile on someone’s face during the non-holidays.  Everyone needs a pick-me-up, especially in March or April, well after the hype of the holidays subsides.  “Christmas” someone with a little token of your appreciation or love and see their smiles glow. 


What about all of that homemade food floating around right now?  They say the key to anyone’s heart is through their stomach so how about we keep those goodies and heartfelt meals coming.  If we scattered that thoughtfulness through the year, we could make neighbors, friends, or family all feel special because we took a few minutes to put together a tasty casserole or a healthful salad.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, it just needs to be with prepared with love, peppered with kind intentions, and marinated in well-wishes.  I’ve shared the story before about my neighbor, who on our first night in our new home (and myself very pregnant), grilled us a steak to share with a side veggie and buttered bread. We were so grateful to this neighbor who we have now lived behind for 17 years now.  He “Christmased” a pregnant gal by surprising her with a steak and blessed us as a new couple on the first night in our new home.  Still one of my favorite meals to this day.

Continue showing reverence, whether it is to God or nature or to whatever speaks to your spiritual soul in a healthy way after December is gone.  Without hope and gratitude and a belief in a higher power, or the possibility of change, life would be pretty helpless on the difficult days which can be plentiful.  We all need something or someone who grounds us and makes us see our possibilities when we cannot.  Sometimes it is prayer, or a conversation with a trusted friend, a trip to a tranquil natural space, or exercise that allows you to find your peace.  Whatever it is, find it this holiday season and carry it on through the other seasons of your life.  A calm, purposeful you will make a better mother, wife, friend and human all times of the year.

Please, during this holiday season and beyond, “Christmas” your people and yourself!  Share your gifts of empathy, compassion, cleaning, organization, transportation, cooking – – whatever you have.  Make beautiful cards and give gifts of homemade foods and trinkets, not needing them to be intricate or expensive, and don’t forget to keep giving once the gift season is over.  We need this spirit of love to continue well past the holiday season.  Make Christmas a verb of love. 

Merry, Merry Christmas, and Happiest of Holidays to all! 

Photos credit of Countdown to Christmas Facebook page.

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