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For most of us that visit Las Vegas, a show is on the “to do” list!  Vegas has a great lineup of shows always going on.  From comedians to Cirque, residency headliners and national acts on tour, there is something for everyone!

I decided to see “Legends in Concert” at Bugsy Malone’s first hotel “The Flamingo”.  I had heard that impersonator Chris VanDahl was a ringer for Steven Tyler.  Luckily, I landed a seat right at the stage since it was a packed house on a Sunday night!

This particular “Legends” lineup is Barry White, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Steven Tyler and Elvis.  These performers do show-stopping hits of the artists along with short video clips on a big screen showing the real legends in the same costumes some of the performers are wearing.  These are not female impersonators, you will have to go to another show if that is what you are looking for. These artists look and sound like the legends.

Barry White (Jourdan Carroll) was silky smooth and brought flowers out to a few ladies in the audience and had them swooning.  Michael Jackson (Jason Jarrett) did a big production number of “Thriller” with ghoul dancers and the moonwalk.  Celine Dion (Elisa Furr) did her big hit from the movie “Titanic” with  “My Heart Will Go On”.  Elvis (Dean Z) took us back to the 60’s and 70’s with an array of The King’s classics.

Chris VanDahl’s performance as Steven Tyler is amazing.  He moves and sounds so much like the “Demon of Screamin”,  you have to keep looking at him to remind yourself he is NOT Steven Tyler.  Performing from the huge Aerosmith catalog such hits as  “Walk This Way” and “Love In An Elevator” , VanDahl surprised by sitting down at the piano ala Tyler to perform “Dream On”  He even gets in a couple of backflips which Tyler used to do back in the day! His act was flawless and entertaining as was the entire cast.

Chris was nice enough to give me a few minutes after the show.  He has been a lifelong musician and as a teenager was always getting “you look like Steven Tyler”.  He was recruited for the band L.A. Guns in 1995-97 as lead vocalist.  He tours with nationally with an Aerosmith tribute band, “Aeromyth” which occasionally includes former Aerosmith member Jimmy Crespo.  He told me that Steven Tyler has not seen the “Legends” show but Chris does know Tyler and has spent time with him.  His respect and affection of ST clearly shows in discussing his music and the show.

If you are going to Vegas in the near future and want to see a fun, entertaining musical show that will keep you smiling as you are walking out the door, be sure and see “Legends in Concert”! 

Legends in Concert, Las Vegas

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