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Ladies Roller Derby in Sarasota? Yes, Indeed!

| Sande Caplin |

Several years ago The Sarasota Roller Girls was born which became The Suncoast Quad Squad. They joined with a group from the Palmetto area and became The North River Rolling Renegades and now are known as The Sarasota Rolling Renegades. They are a hard working bunch and really enjoy what they’re doing.

This group of women participates in community events and are recognized for their volunteer efforts. They donate time, labor, and goods to several charity organizations because of their strong belief in giving back to their community which has supported the foundation of their league.

Stardust Skate CenterTheir ages range from 18 to 50+ with all shapes and sizes. By day they are students, mothers, bankers, bartenders, social workers, cops, business owners, etc. but a few nights a week they become Nikki Stic 9, Eve L. Diva, Schmick & Wesson, Danger, etc.  Dressed in fishnets and knee socks, pads and skates they hit the track for training and bouts.

Basically, there are two teams of five ladies. Each team consists of one in scoring position called a jammer, three blockers and one pivot. The blockers form a skating pack. The blockers/pivots start skating at the first whistle, and then the jammers (who start behind the pack) start sprinting at the second whistle. The jammers then have to skate through the pack! The first one through the pack is called the lead jammer. Both jammers continue to sprint around the track, getting through the pack. On their second and future trips, they get a point for every opponent they pass. Everyone else tries to stop the other team’s jammer from passing, and help their team’s jammer get through. The Jam goes on for 2 minutes or until the Lead Jammer calls it off.

This is much more fun to watch than to describe! It’s a very real, athletic game to play. These women work out hard to be able to play hard!  The gals can be seen practicing and having their bouts at the Stardust Roller Skating Center, 2571 12th St. in Sarasota.  They also travel throught the state of Florida for their bouts.

Visit their Facebook Page:

Ladies Roller Derby Sarasota Florida

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