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job opening at wslr

Job Opening at WSLR in Sarasota

| Arlene Sweeting |

Are you socially conscious and looking for something different to do with your time? And make money, too? WSLR in Sarasota has a job opening which will last from June 29 – October 30, 2020. You will need to put in 15 hours a week and will be paid $13.50 an hour.

Job description from WSLR

This part-time position in our news department will supplement our news coverage with a focus on the issue of Covid 19.

  • Conduct livestream or audio interviews with community members which could be edited and used for broadcast
  • Contribute to the print edition of the Critical Times
  • Amplify our social media coverage.

Beyond reporting on medical and physical health related to COVID-19, the news producer would focus on coverage of social, emotional, economic, and equity issues. Narratives around the pandemic necessarily include facts and numbers, but ultimately, must also go deeper—telling the stories of inequities that COVID-19 has brought to light.

Reporting will cover various aspects of the virus and its fallout, including but not limited to

  • Social consequences of COVID-19 and measures to contain it, particularly related to equity—such as its impact on immigrant communities, domestic violence, and early childhood education.
  • Stories of resilience and solutions that could be applied on a regional or global scale.
  • Novel forms of data visualization or science communication to help communities better understand how to protect themselves.
  • Lessons learned from local response(s) to COVID-19 that could be applied to other large-scale challenges, such as climate change or the refugee crisis.
  • Best practices of how educators, students, and schools are reacting to this crisis, particularly as they illuminate under-resourced schools.

Priority communities include

Those at high risk or hit especially hard by the virus, immigrant communities, underserved, urban, rural, elderly populations, and children.

Apply now!

To apply for this position, please submit a resume and a cover letter expressing why you are interested in the position and relating any special experience you have that would inform your coverage of the communities we are prioritizing.

Deadline for Application: June 22nd at 5pm.

WSLR Fogartyville Community Media & Arts Center
525 Kumquat Ct. Sarasota, FL 34236

Photo from WSLR Fogartyville.

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