I saw a friend last night in my dream

Solara Blaze, photo by Vicky Sullivan, Rock the Lens Photography

Twinkle originally posted this story on Facebook.

I woke up this morning from a dream about a friend of mine. I started crying in the dream when I saw him, and he asked me why I’d come, I said, “I miss you, and I wanted to tell you I love you.”

I wonder at dreams. My mother raised me with a great respect for the mysterious action, and I have sometimes, in times of great stress, preferred my dream life to my day life, but now it seems my life IS a dream, I love it every day. I attest that to many factors, my family, my friends, being a musician, getting back to my rock roots in my writing, that baby SOLARA BLAZE, the farm, my twin brother, my band, my dear, dear musician family, the new record label we’re starting, the sense of community and sense of purpose, man, you start being happy with what you’ve got, the list goes on and on. I am ever so grateful for the experiences my life has brought me, the realization that I have been to hell, and I know how precious life is. Just being here is great.

I think we all get so caught up in the daily tasks and stresses that we forget that being alive, just being here is a joy in itself, the rest is gravy.  What I do know without question is, We Are All in This Together, we are all part of the same organism. We all are from the earth, which is in the solar system, which is part of the universe. We are not separate from those things, of course it sounds simple, but I get the feeling that people think it’s us, and the rest of the universe. You can’t separate us from the universe, or from the planet, or from our brothers and sisters, we are all interconnected. I believe in the evolution of consciousness of humans, I just hope it happens before we burn out the rest of the creatures, and ourselves.

 I’m not sure if the world has always been this chaotic, or if our ability to document in real time now is giving the impression that it’s worse now, but I encourage this concept: that Love is the fabric of the universe on a subatomic level. That the frequency of actual love is the fabric, and that music, real music, is our magical ability to speak that on a quantum level.  Music is a complex, mathematical language, the Music of The Spheres is a real thing. Look it up. Oh and look up salt and frequencies-www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuyQSZX8HMI it works with fire, water, cement, amazing.  Sound creating the Mosaics that we have seen in ancient cultures forever.

Well this turned into something completely different. I was going to write about my dream. Anyway, thanks for listening. I love you guys. Yochim out.

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