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I LOVE the LOVE in this Town!

This town never ceases to amaze me.  Our Gulf Coast is a marvelous place to live.  Fabulous outdoor activities, the Gulf of Mexico, awesome restaurants, superb live entertainment, arts, culture and so much more.

But, there is something extra special in this place we call home…..LOVE, lots of LOVE!  Sure, you can say that there is love everywhere, but not like here.   There isn’t a day that goes by without celebrating someone’s Birthday, live music every night of the week where you can dance the night away, friends meeting friends, friends making new friends….yes, lots of love.

And, yes there is Facebook.  I never thought that it would be such an important part of our lives and our town.  The “groups” that have been formed are amazing!   Dance Groups, Singles Groups, Nightlife Groups, Applause Groups, Where Do We Go Groups, Business Groups….to name a few.

Swordfish Grill and Tiki

The love really hit home to me as I had the surprise of my life when my pals got together and surprised me last week at The Swordfish Grill and Tiki.  It was an experience that I will never forget.

So, let’s keep spreading the love.  Love is good, love is healthy.  Love to you all.

Laura Adams, Sande Caplin

photos by Vicky Sullivan / Rock The Lens Photography for The Sarasota Post

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Swordfish Grill and Tiki

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