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Proper Airport Dress

How To Look Great When You Travel

| Sande Caplin |

For those of you who operate at a higher level than worrying about remembering to pack enough snack food, More Magazine offers an article titled “How to Travel Chic—And in Comfort.”

Michael Kors, world-famous celeb designer and judge on the hit TV reality show, Project Runway, offers his top 5 favorite tips for air travel:

1. When flying, minimize your accessories

2. Pack a sleek clutch for evening.

3. Wear big sunglasses so you always arrive looking glamorous.

4. Pack a polished flat and a sexy high heel

5. A cashmere scarf can serve as a muffler and a blanket on the flight

Michael Kors’ favorite tip: “I always travel with a picture of my beloved cats in a leather frame from Hermes ($710).”

This writer, after spending a fair amount of time considering all of the above, came to the realization that she didn’t own a clutch, big sunglasses, a polished flat, a sexy high heel (or even a pair of them), a cashmere scarf of any size, let alone one that could serve as a blanket.  She does own a cat, but she is thrilled to forget that fact when she travels and so prefers not to bring a photo with her to remind her.

Here is her own personal top list for successful air travel:

1. Wear comfortable shoes that can be removed easily.  If you wear your shoes without socks, you can amuse yourself in the airport security line by considering any number of communicable diseases that are attaching themselves to your feet while you are watching others pass through wearing protective socks.

2. Limit accessories to a large passport holder that can be strung around your neck, containing your passport, tickets, ID.  Be prepared to be offered a wheelchair and asked if your handler is in the vicinity.

3. Wear pants several sizes too big so you arrive looking like a clown but leave with them fitting you perfectly

4. Pick a color palette that closely approximates spilled food, since you will be really far from your washing machine and your dry cleaners.

5. If you are chilly on the flight, ask the flight attendant for a blanket.  She will be very amused since there have been no blankets offered in steerage since 1981.

Happy travels!

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