Happy New Year From The Sarasota Post!

Happy New Year From The Sarasota Post!

2016 has been a fabulous year for The Sarasota Post and Sande Caplin and Associates.  We would like to thank the entire community for your support.  A special thanks to the companies listed below who gave us the privilege to work with them this year.

Basils Chicken • Bearded Clam Restaurant • Billy Rice Band • Blue Plate Presents • Bravos Pizza • Busta Groove • Cambryn Biologics • Clayton’s Siesta Grille • Commercial Plastering • Cork Screw Deli • Cortez Bait and Seafood • Courtesy Cleaners • Dry Cleaning To Go • Duff’s Buffet • Earthman Landscaping • Eleganza Leather • Gold Rush BBQ • Gulfside Paddleboards • Gamble Creek Band • Gurley Vitale •  IBE Barter • Interior Expressions • Island Aircraft Sales • Italian Grill • Jack Elka Photography • JoTo Steakhouse • JR Glass • Julieta y Romeo • Kennedy Studios • Kettle of Fish • Kidsmania • Killer Bait • Kinetic Air • KJ Home Services • Lawyer SRQ • Linens By The Sea • Little Peoples Day Care • Lox n Eggs • Mamma Onestis • Mattress Warehouse • NALC • Olive Branch • Piccolo Deli • Primo Ristorante • Ray Grimm Esq • Resurrection House • Revolutionary Martial Arts • Ringling Barber Shop • Sarasota Film Festival • Sarasota Rhythm Section • Sarasota Sculpture Center • Siesta Interiors • Soto’s Optical • Suncoast Blues Festival • Sunshine Cleaning Company • Swordfish Grill and Tiki • The Herbarium • Tusker Car Wash • Twinkle Rock Soul Radio • US Tent Rental • Wings n Weenies

Happy New Year and all the best in 2017 from our team.  We love our community!

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Basils Chicken, Bearded Clam Restaurant, Billy Rice Band, Blue Plate Presents, Bravos Pizza, Busta Groove, Cambryn Biologics, Clayton's Siesta Grille, Commercial Plastering, Cork Screw Deli, Cortez Bait and Seafood, Courtesy Cleaners, Dry Cleaning To Go, Duff’s Buffet, Earthman Landscaping, Eleganza Leather, Gamble Creek Band, Gold Rush BBQ, Gulfside Paddleboards, Gurley Vitale, IBE Barter, Interior Expressions, Island Aircraft Sales, Italian Grill, Jack Elka Photography, Joto Steakhouse, JR Glass, Julieta y Romeo, Kennedy Studios, Kettle of Fish, Kidsmania, Killer Bait, Kinetic Air, KJ Home Services, Lawyer SRQ, Linens By The Sea, Little Peoples Day Care, Lox n Eggs, Mamma Onesti's, Mattress Warehouse, NALC, Olive Branch, Piccolo Deli, Primo Ristorante, Ray Grimm Esq, Resurrection House, Revolutionary Martial Arts, Ringling Barber Shop, Sarasota Film Festival, Sarasota Rhythm Section, Sarasota Sculpture Center, Siesta Interiors, Soto's Optical, Suncoast Blues Festival, Sunshine Cleaning Company, Swordfish Grill and Tiki, The Herbarium, The Sarasota Post, Tusker Car Wash, Twinkle Rock Soul Radio, US Tent Rental, Wings n Weenies

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