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Happy Father’s Day from the Sarasota Post

Happy Father’s Day from the Sarasota Post

| Laura Bell Adams |

To all of the Dads out there, enjoy your special day! I am a father and am blessed with two wonderful kids! Well, they are not kids anymore as the both are parents of 3 awesome boys. Yes, they each have 3 boys!

I was thinking about my Dad the other day. He was a really special guy. And, oh, what a hard worker. He opened his own gas station in 1946. He would stay open until the very last car was fixed. If someone called on a Sunday and needed their brakes fixed, he would be there. His work ethic was second to none.



Sande Caplin's dad on a ladder painting his gas station.The top photo is from the early 1950’s! Check out the price of gas, 23 cents for regular and 26 cents for premium. My dad watched every brick being installed when the gas station was built. He wanted it perfect. The second picture shows my dad on a ladder painting the shop. He never stopped!

Thinking about you today, Dad. Thanks for teaching us that hard work will pay off. To honor my Dad today I am going to play “Al Jolson” albums all day! He loved to listen to Al on Sunday mornings.

Happy Father’s Day to all!


Sande Caplin & Associates Photos.


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