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happy easter and happy passover

Happy Easter & Happy Passover from the Team at “The Suncoast Post”

| Sande Caplin |

I know that I speak for my entire team wishing all of our friends, clients and readers of the Suncoast Post a very Happy Passover and Happy Easter.

We are living in very difficult times. No one could ever have imagined that the lives of so many people would be turned upside down. We are celebrating Easter and Passover at the same time and it is certainly different this year.

Happy Easter/Happy Passover & thanks to you!

I also want to wish a whole lot of love and appreciation to all of our first responders. All the firefighters, police personnel, EMT’s, nurses and doctors. Thank you to the janitorial people who are keeping our hospitals clean under the most difficult conditions. You are all doing a wonderful job.

Thank you to our mail carriers and truck drivers who are delivering food and goods to our homes and businesses. Thanks to the awesome folks working tirelessly in grocery stores to keep the shelves stocked. Thanks to the restaurant workers who have stayed open for “to-go” orders. All of you are putting your lives on the line for us. The “thank you’s” can go on and on. If I missed anyone, I apologize in advance.

Be safe, be well, make smart choices. We must continue to stand together and we will come out of this together.

Thanks for the opportunity to share our stories with you from Laura, Vicky, Molly, Jodi, Natasha, Ashley, James and Christine. We look forward to continuing sharing our stories on The Suncoast Post.

Love to you all, Sande

Photo from Deposit Photos

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