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Don Mckeon, Go

Guys Like You

| Sande Caplin |

Don Mckeon gave the Sarasota Post permission to reprint his article from Facebook.

Here’s the story.  A few months ago, my friend Joe Vincer and I lamented the fact that we were both without a boat…unheard of in either of our histories. So we searched around the web and found this 25′ Windsor Craft at a trailer park in Naples. We made an appointment with the boat broker and took a ride down. We were met at the gated community and admitted by the daughter of the owner, who was up north. The daughter was in charge of getting rid of Dad’s boat, and she was not happy about it…to say the least. Seems she had listed it at a high price, and had lowered it twice before we came upon it. She had to drive from some distance to let the prospective buyers in numerous times…and was very curt and dismissive. She’s the one with the long pants in the first photo.

So, we all climbed into the boat to look it over. Joe noticed that the prop was not on the engine, and innocently asked if she had it. She looked him right in the eye and said “Yes…I have it…and the keys too…but I keep them hidden away because of guys like you.” Some saleswoman, huh? Anyway, we ignored her and made an offer to the broker, much lower than she wanted, and we compromised with her dad on a price. Dad instructed the broker not to let her get her hands on the money.  One big happy family.

So, guess what we named the boat…right…”Guys Like You”……our pontoon boat.

Guys Like You

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