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Larry Rifkin

Foundations to Spiritual Living and The Art of Positive Thinking

| Sande Caplin |

At the basis of living a Spiritual Life and maintaining a Positive Outlook is fundamentally learning to Love Ourselves.  When we discuss The Law of Attraction and Vibrational Matching, we learn that Self Love is the foundation to attracting our desires.  What we may not realize is that we unconsciously define HOW MUCH Good we Allow ourselves to receive … and the Universe responds by Affirming our beliefs.  When we do not value ourselves … we attract more of what we do not want.  Our ‘Comfort Zone’ for happiness directly reflects how much we think we deserve in life.  The degree of happiness we allow is reflected by the amount of Love we have for ourselves.  The More we Love ourselves … the Greater our capacity to Love others and to receive Love.

So how do we learn to increase the amount of Love we have for ourselves?  This is a process and not an instant revelation.  

•    One of the first things we need to learn to do is to ‘Reframe’ Every situation by releasing all Judgment of ourselves and others. This process is called ‘Allowing’. This is Not the same, nor does it mean, that we agree with something that has happened or even tolerate it.  It simply means that we give up judgment, we stop being both judge and jury.
•    Live in the moment. Don’t allow other issues from our past, or concerns about the future … to live Rent Free in our heads.
We maintain a threshold for how much pain and how much happiness we allow in our lives.  When our level for happiness shifts out of our comfort zone, we attract more circumstances and situations to maintain this level.
•    Become conscious about the ‘stuff’ we carry around in our ‘pockets’ that keep our vibrational frequency at a lower level, such as … holding onto anger .. keeping grudges .. unresolved issues .. keeping negative situations alive, rehashing them in our heads, over and over .. saying ‘yes’ when you mean ‘no’ .. saying ‘no’ when you mean ‘yes’ .. worry about what other people think about you or if they like you.
•    Forgiveness – when we forgive ourselves or others .. we CHOOSE to Release Judgment. ‘Releasing’ is choosing to feel good.  Again, it doesn’t mean we ‘agree’, just that we are recognizing that everyone is free to make their own choices.  We must learn to step out of the ‘Judge and Jury’ mentality.  Forgiveness is necessary to release emotional and physical stress and bring our bodies into balance.
•    Gratitude – Gratitude is the state of mind aligned with Well-Being.  It bridges the gap of where we are and where we want to be.  When we are in a state of gratitude, we can be open to ‘seeing’ all of the gifts around us and ‘allowing’ ourselves to receive them.  We increase our chances of creating new opportunities when we are in a positive state of mind.
•    Coming from a ‘Consciousness of Abundance’ as opposed to a consciousness of scarcity.  This means that we KNOW that the Universe has an Abundance of whatever we desire and wants us to receive it.  When we come from a consciousness of scarcity, we are coming from a place of fear … fear that what we desire does not exist or we don’t deserve it.  Remember, the Law of attraction states … ‘Like attracts Like’.  So the choice is yours …. Abundance or scarcity?
•    HAVE FUN – enjoy yourself. Don’t take yourself or your situation too seriously.  The Universe, G-d, The Angels or whatever ‘Greater Power’ you believe in … wants you to Be Happy.  Have Fun.  Enjoy our time here.

New Truth Life CoachingThese are some tips to moving toward living a more Positive Life and aligning ourselves with our ‘Spiritual Path’.  As each of us has our own individual spiritual path, there is no one answer, or right or wrong thinking.  What is ‘right’ for one, may not be so for another, and that is perfectly ok.  Our individual paths are ours alone, no one can walk them for us.  Each experience we have adds to our own personal mental rolodex, our spiritual toolbox, that we learn from and can use.  And MY belief is that the meaning for My Spiritual Path is to wake up each day and work on being just a little bit better than I was yesterday.

Larry J. Rifkin – Law of Attraction Master Life Coach

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