Flying High at Treeumph! Adventure Course

Flying High at Treeumph! Adventure Course

Is it just me or does it seem that average people are tapping into their inner athletes and now everybody is a 5K runner?  Whereas zip-lining and obstacle courses were once reserved for those graced with athletic prowess, agility, and bravery, now everybody is getting in on the action.   No longer are we accepting that age or body size should put limitation on us, and instead, the opposite seems to be happening.

Color runs, bounce house obstacle courses complete with waterslides are ensuring that everybody has an opportunity to get out there and have fun.  For many people, competition is serious business where a win is expected and a fail is not tolerated. But for most of us, the emergence of so many fun and inclusive activities means that even the least agile of us all can partake in the festivities.

Locally, we are fortunate to have an abundance of beautiful parks with walking trails and hiking paths, and let’s not forget the insanely beautiful long stretches of beaches we can enjoy for early morning walks or friendly yoga classes.  Countless fitness centers featuring popular cross-fit programs beckon us to join.   But for those who desire a little structure and perhaps a larger adrenaline rush, Treeumph! Adventure Course in Bradenton offers something for everyone, and it’s all up in the trees.

Treeumph! Adventure Course is a locally-owned business that has provided hours of fun for thousands of visitors who make the trek out on State Rd. 70 for an afternoon of high-flying action.  Set amidst unending acres of natural Florida pine trees and oak groves, this is one adventure course that is worth the short drive from Sarasota.  The beautiful park-like setting, knowledgeable staff, and palpable excitement you can feel in the air lets you know you’re in for something special from the moment you arrive.

Treeumph! Offers 86 different obstacles which are organized into progressively more difficult courses. The courses are grouped according to age level, so there is a Children’s Course, Junior Ticket Adventure, and the Adult/Senior and College Ticket Adventure.  The courses will take between 1.5 and 4 hours to complete, and you need not worry about your lack of experience because a friendly and professional staff is there to help.  Prior to stepping foot on any course, the staff will walk you through an instructional meeting as well as have you demonstrate that you understand how to use the rigging and clamps, which are very basic. Foot bridges, rope handholds, swinging logs and many twists and turns along the way will delight even the faintest at heart.  Designed to be easy in the beginning, each course allows the participant to work their way into more difficult obstacles, allowing plenty of time for confidence building along the way.   When you complete the Summit Course, a 650-foot-long zip line gives you the thrill of a lifetime at the end.

If you’re in need of a unique birthday party destination or team-building excursion, then Treeumph! Should be on your short list of considerations.  Beyond the beautiful setting and exhilarating obstacle courses, people find their inner strength there and often conquer unknown fears like a champion.  It’s that spirit of independence and resolve that resonates with the people who have come to love this local attraction.  Whatever the occasion, consider Treeumph! For a fun-filled, exciting day in your near future.  For prices and hours of operation, please visit

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Photos:  Zip Lining by Global Panorama on Flickr, commercial use allowed
Zip Line Engagement by Marc Latremouille on Flickr, commercial use allowed

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