Florida Is Ready For Smart Homes, And Here’s Why on Anna Maria Island Sound

Florida Is Ready For Smart Homes, And Here’s Why Just Off Anna Maria Island 

Countless people flock to Florida to experience fun and sunshine, however, Floridians have another reason to cheer the sunshine. A new building development in Cortez, FL right off the bridge coming off Anna Maria Island. is lauded for its carbon neutrality. Hunters Point Resort and Marina is the first of its kind, as its a zero-energy project built for an entire community. The brainchild of property developers, Pearl Homes, Hunters Point offers homeowners the opportunity to live sustainably and smart. According to sources, the homes make use of Google’s AI to help maintain the smart side of things, thereby eliminating the electricity bill.

Smart Means Efficient

One of the draws of a smart property is that everything works together effortlessly to eliminate waste. This means that energy is used at the optimal levels while requiring less from the environment. With the help of AI, homes will have the opportunity to maintain optimal temperatures and lighting. HVAC units, LED lighting, and even curtains can all be controlled from a central location to provide homeowners with all they require. For Floridians, the use of battery packs along with the solar panels means that surplus energy is stored and can potentially be fed back to the grid to help power other areas.

Convenience: Part Of The Appeal

Those Floridians who simply have to pack up and go out of town for a few days can treat their smart homes as a lock-up-and-go, thanks to innovative tech. Whether it’s controlling the lighting to make it seem like someone’s home, or keeping an eye on Fido while the pup sitter is out, smart tech is allowing greater freedom for homeowners. Cameras, touch screens, sensors, and voice activation all work together to allow your home to continue as if you were still there.


Long Term Benefits Are Worth The Investment

Going smart is about more than just convenience and the environment, it’s also about making a worthwhile investment in an asset. Buyers are 80% more prone to opt for a smart home than a home without the tech. For those looking to capitalize on an investment, it’s worth the conversion to a smart home. With an average property price of $200,000 in Florida, property owners can ill afford to miss out on any opportunity to increase value in their properties.

Smart homes are allowing homeowners to benefit from technology while doing it’s bit for the environment too. For Floridians, property developments are already tilting in favor of the smart home design.

Royaly photo from unsplash.com

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