Finding Fitness From The Comfort Of The Home in Sarasota / Bradenton

Finding Fitness From The Comfort Of The Home in Sarasota / Bradenton

For some people, finding the space to work out and get fit can be difficult. The gym can cost up to $35 per month in Sarasota, according to Patch, and with temperatures racking up to nearly 100F this summer, it’s unwise to get going outdoors.

However, this is where the home comes in. Modern equipment and routines mean that you can become super fit from the comfort of your house, a little preparation and consultation with experts aside.

The case for home

Gym equipment makes life easier to exercise – there’s no doubt about that. Unfortunately, many older pieces of equipment were too expensive or unwieldy to consider deploying in the home. Today, there are affordable and portable home elliptical trainers, treadmills and weight kits that can help you to achieve your fitness goals. Exercise alone at home may bring extra benefits to your routine; according to one psychologist’s study, reported on in USA Today, the relief of pressure helps some to achieve more when working out from home.

Even without equipment

The best thing to train your body with is your own body. With the average American weighing in at 84kg, according to CNN, the effort required to move your own body will provide a better workout than many weight routines. Furthermore, you will be strengthening your muscles, bones, and tendons as you go. There are numerous good resources in and around Sarasota that can help you to learn and establish a calisthenics routines; Thumbtack list 10 in particular that will help you to get on the right track.



Working while you wait

You can achieve a lot of minor fitness boosts without altering your daily schedule. In June, Sarasota Magazine tried out several as-you-go boutique fitness regimes trending around the city. Of most interest is the principles espoused by Mantra, a type of muscle-lengthening exercise that affects the whole body. While you’re going about your day, stop to stretch, tense, and flex muscles. Act like a fool around the house to give yourself that extra boost to flexibility – it will aid your fitness and give you a boost to your energy.

Fitness doesn’t have to cost, and it doesn’t have to be dangerous, either. With temperatures getting to the hottest part of the year, stick to the home, and get creative. So long as you’re putting the effort in, you can make a success of your fitness goals without going out of the door.

Photo by Danielle Cerullo on Unsplash

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