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Face Masks Required in City of Anna Maria

| Suncoast Post Staff |

Important information for folks visiting or staying on the City of Anna Maria Island. Face masks now are required. Effective June 27, 2020 you are now required to wear a face mask when you go into any store or restaurant. The new rule is in effect for a week and will be reevaluated on a weekly basis by city officials who will make changes as they see fit. The next meeting is Thursday, July 2 at 10am.

Face Mask Requirements

The new mask rule states “any person working, living, visiting or doing any sort of business in the City of Anna Maria, must wear a mask if indoors.” If folks do not comply, they risk being fined $50.00.

The belief is that the new mask rule will help to reduce the spread of Covid 19. The Suncoast Post team checked around the city yesterday and most restaurants and stores have signs in their windows letting them know about the face mask requirement.

Other Information about Face Masks

The mask order does not apply to outdoor areas. The city’s code enforcement officers will handle the compliance issues. Some of the exceptions are kids under 2 years of age, where a face mask could cause impairment due to an existing health condition, persons working in a business that do not have interaction with others, persons while eating or drinking in a restaurant, but face coverings must otherwise be worn in restaurants.

The team at The Suncoast Post strongly supports wearing face masks when inside any restaurant or retail establishment. We also believe that “social distancing” is very important to help get the virus under control.

Questions or comments? Please leave your comments at the bottom of this story or send to . For more information visit the City of Anna Maria Facebook page.

Editor’s Note: The Suncoast Post recently published a story about this controversy. Read it here!

And remember, Wash Your Hands and Wear a Mask!

Suncoast Post Photo by Vicky Sullivan

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