Cove Cleaners Sarasota Florida

Dry Cleaning Facts and Info

Voted the best dry cleaning establishment for 12 consecutive years, Cove Cleaners has 7 locations for your convenience, and absolutely free pickup and delivery of your garments from your home or workplace. But this isn’t what separates Cove from the rest.

Misconceptions about dry cleaning are rampant. At one time or another we’ve tried the cheapest dry cleaner only to realize that what we pay shows the low level of care and the lack of quality and attention given to the finished product. Cove cleaners is environmentally concerned at all levels; they use only the solvents and soaks that are bio-degradable and safe for the environment. They also sponsored the biggest hanger reclaim campaign to reuse hangers and keep them out of the local trash. This helps lighten the load of non-disposable trash at our dumps and shows that Cove Cleaners really cares.


A wealth of information is available from Cove Cleaners and their blog. How to detect and resolve the dust mite infestation in your homes, how to cut down on allergens in the air as well as in your carpets, drapes and furniture, and how to get the most longevity out of your clothing.

Since 1993 Cove Cleaners has provided the best service, has shown the most care about the environment, and has given the finest customer service available.

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