Do You Suffer From Electile Dysfuntion?

Do You Suffer From Electile Dysfuntion?

A repeat story from August of 2015.  I guess Hillalry Clinton needs to be added!!!

If you have suffered an election for more than four years, cease all electoral activity and seek help immediately. You may be suffering from Electile Dysfunction, a malady that afflicts large numbers of people and creates havoc for marital relations because of what it does for intercourse about anything other than presidential candidates. Electile Dysfunction is exacerbated by election analysts in urgent need of treatment for overactive blather.

Treatment of Electile Dysfunction is difficult given that the best treatment is abstention from ALL political stimuli, which is nearly impossible given the presence of election analysts and consultants.

Americans need to declare an end to the electoral madness! Enough already! Who needs more of Donald Trump and his drivel?

About the writer:  A Sarasota resident, Gilbert Cranberg taught for 18 years at the University of Iowa’s journalism school. He co- authored “Libel Law and the Press: Myth and Reality,” (The Free Press) whose authors won the 1987 Distinguished Service Award of the Society of Professional Journalists for research in journalism. Another book, “Taking Stock: Journalism and the Publicly Traded Newspaper Company,” (Iowa State Press), was published June 2001. He is the co-author of several law review articles on the subject of libel.

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