Do You Remember?

Saturday Morning Cartoons, Fly Paper, Penny Loafers, Lucky Strike Cigarettes, Flat Top Haircuts, Sock Hops, Studebaker Car, Pepsi Cola, Cigar Bands, Daddy’s Socks Rolled Down, Root Beer Floats, Aviator Hats, Dixie Cups, Knickers To Your Knees, Your Hit Parade, Grape Trueade, Sadie Hawkins Dance, Peddle Pushers, Duck Tail Hair, Howdy Doody, Tutti Frutti, Seamed Stockings, James Dean, Sunday Movies Were Taboo, Senior Prom, Judy’s Mom, Rock n Roll Was New, Cracker Jack Prize, Stars In Your Eyes, Asking Daddy For The Keys, Boogeyman, Lemonade Stand, Taking Your Tonsils Out, Indian Burn, Wait Your Turn, 4 Foul Balls Your Out, Cigarette Loads, Secret Codes, Saving Lucky Stars, Double Root Beer Float…………

There are many more to rememberWatch this Statler Brothers video!

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