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Daniel Jake Likins

Daniel Jake Likins- An Awesome Guy, An Awesome Dad

| Sande Caplin |

Photo Credit, “Bosk Photography”

I have gotten to know Daniel Jake Likins rather well over the last year.  Everyone knows him and his partner in crime, Robert Elwood Kress as the wild and crazy “Florida Blues Brothers.”  There isn’t a week that goes by that the two of them aren’t out and about singing, gigging and also donating their time to charity.  If you check out his Facebook page there are hundreds and hundred of photos of their events.

I have seen a different side of Daniel.  Yes, he can entertain and have a great time with the best of them.  But, the compassionate and loving side of Daniel is what draws me to his soul.  He writes some really awesome stuff on his Facebook posts that have nothing to do with entertainment.  

Last night was a perfect example.  We had a meeting with Lee Volpe at Primo Ristorante to discuss the Ladies Sing the Blues event on Thursday, 9/11.  Lee, Daniel and Elwood are the MC’s.  Before the meeting started, Daniel got a phone call from his daughter, Nicki.  He spent about ten minutes with her on the phone going over the events of the day and some concerns that he had.  You could feel and hear the compassion in his voice.  At dinner, we talked and joked about many different subjects…..happiness, love, relationships and more.  I left with a warm feeling in my heart.

Daniel is someone that I am honored and privileged to know, not only for his entertainment abilities but for his true to life awesome self.

Oh, Daniel is a Chicago Bears fan!  Sorry Daniel.  I have been suffering with my NY Jets longer than you have been suffering with dah Bears!  Can’t wait to see you Thursday night at Ladies Sing the Blues.

Primo Ristorante, Sarasota Florida

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