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Creating a Fall Challenge to Motivate and Inspire Here on the Suncoast

| Angela Naff |

Sometimes with cooler weather, shorter days, and the end of the year approaching, we all get lazier. This time of year, though, can provide the motivation to challenge ourselves to look back at the resolutions we hoped for this year and prepare a challenge to push us through to our goals before the end of the year is upon us. It might be a fitness, career, or mental challenge that you need to help fuel your motivation through this season of the year. How can you create a challenge to hit some of your most wanted goals before the New Year? We compiled a checklist of ideas here just for you.

First, You Must Pick

Start by identifying the most important aspect of your life you wish to improve. This might be spiritual, social, financial,l or even physical. Whatever it is, write it down and commit to building a plan to obtain it. This should not be a fly-by-nightt idea, but something you are committed to changing.

Break It Down

Now that you know what you want to accomplish, list at least one small task you need to do daily, to obtain that goal. For instance, getting more movement daily as the goal might include a step count you need to attain daily. Most goals will fail because they seem overwhelming, like a good steak or dessert. One small bite at a time makes it much more attainable to finish the entire thing.

Make An Appointment with Yourself

Most of us live with a calendar on our phones, wrists with smart devices, or old-school paper in our bags. Pull that calendar out and put a recurring appointment in the lineup of your tasks. Again remember small bites. you might not be able to do one-hour workouts a day, but can you consistently start with a ten-minute walk every night? Whatever the small blocks of things you wish to accomplish, schedule them alongside the rest of that day’s tasks. Remember how amazing checking things off a list can be, and see those tiny building blocks through each day.


Take a Risk or Two

Maybe you aren’t someone that has ever engaged with someone to see your goals through. Take a risk, and open your support network and experiences open to new things. meet up with a group of walkers you have never met, go to that club to expand your social horizons or even go somewhere you would never have thought possible before. Risks can be invigorating and give your challenge amazing new life, that can continue to help propel you forward to your ultimate goal.

Attainable is Critical

Now access these intervals, and the overall challenge is actually attainable in the timetable given yourself. If you are looking to lose fifty pounds by Christmas, that is nice but not attainable. If you want to exercise more with a goal of ten thousand steps a week by the end of the year – attainable with the right baby goals, check-ins, and accountability. The biggest reason that people will fail a challenge toward a life goal is simply it being outside the realm of possibility. Working toward something that is not feasible will be a goal killer in no time, but smaller, attainable goals have the ability to lighten us and make our self-esteem soar.

Assess Yourself at Regular Intervals

Don’t try and let those voices in your head overwhelm you, but rather assess as you would any task at work or home. How are you doing? What could you be doing better? Is there another risk you need to take? Use this opportunity to change directions toward your goal, up those appointments to the next level, and be honest with yourself about the progress made.

Rewards Are Vital

Of course, this should go without saying – reward yourself when you do succeed. When exercising more, give yourself a special treat. maybe there is a new restaurant you promise to try when you set a new milestone or a pair of shoes after so many steps taken. Whatever it is, sprinkle in tiny little rewards to keep motivating you to the next goal and eventually conquer the overall challenge you set in front of yourself.

Do you know the challenge you are going to attempt this fall? What steps are formulating in your mind to help get you there? How are you going to hold yourself accountable? And last but never least, what is the reward you have on the horizon for successfully completing your challenge?

We wish everyone a fruitful, productive, and amazing fall. May you reach out and grasp at those goals that you thought had slipped through your fingers for this year.

Let’s get up and challenge ourselves, Suncoast!

Photo courtesy of Deposit Photos

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