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Covid19 Took the Life of “Our Scotty”

| Molly Slicker |

Molly Slicker posted this on Facebook a few days ago about Scotty O’Brien and has given The Suncoast Post permission to share.

We just lost my Uncle Scotty. The quickest wit with the biggest heart, he always showed up for his people. Scott never missed a birthday, an event, or a joke. My dad’s best friend in the world and the greatest chosen uncle I could ever ask for.

He and my Dad ALWAYS said “I love you” when they hung up the phone— I’m so glad they set that precedent for us as a family. We love you, Uncle Scotty.

Please, I beg you, take Covid seriously. Get vaccinated to help protect our immunocompromised. Wear masks in crowded settings. Get tested again and again to be sure.

His doctors pleaded with us to share this: they are tired and heartbroken of having to break this terrible news too often. They advised that if you got J&J vaccine, go get one of the others because it is not as strong against the Delta variant. Please, please do what you can. For my family, and for yours. We have to take care of each other.

*If you’re going to comment on here at an attempt for discourse, just keep scrolling. not the time, place, or person.*

Photos from Molly Slicker

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