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Celebrating our Independence this Fourth of July on the Suncoast

| Angela Naff |

While many think of the Fourth of July as a day off of work, a day with family and friends at grill-outs and other events, that is all true. This holiday though is bigger than all of the sales, family gatherings, and those elements – it is about the independence of this country from those that would oppress us. It is about the freedom to gather, fight for our rights, and continue to live as we see fit. Even when we believe that freedoms are under attack, laws changed unnecessarily, we disagree with our governing officials and other horrors befall us – we still can take a moment to bow our head in remembrance of the history of this country, as we can rise again tomorrow and keep up the fight.

Independence is about us all having a voice, even when it might feel that it is small, that we can lend to the causes that drive our society. This day is about remembering those brave heroes that rose up to fight countries, slavery, women’s rights and so many other atrocities over the years. It is about those that take up offices, and other lobbying efforts to change the way we live through peaceful means. It is about those that took up arms to secure our borders and allow us to sleep in peace at night without bombs blowing over our heads as some experience in other countries. Independence, never dictated that we would have it super easy and never have to fight again.


Independence means that as long as we don’t use violence or other outlawed means to lift our voices – we can fight for what we feel is right. It means our country will have ups and downs just like a marriage or union of other sorts. Tides in government and the various arms of our governing entities will mean changes, big and small, good and bad, and those we agree and disagree with. We have the independence to govern how we react, and even if we choose to continue to live and work here under the flag that flies high for our country. Independence is freedom of mind, choices, and much of what makes this country great even in times of trial.

Today, for a moment may we all take a big breath from the political maelstrom that has waged in this country over the last few years and give thanks for what we do have. We possess the independence to travel to be with family, take time from work to celebrate together, honor those who have made freedom their hill to die on, and most of all the ability to rise tomorrow and pick up the mantles of new battles that will continue to wage.


Photo courtesy of Deposit Photos

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