Candle Ideas for Functional and Decorative Fun Suncoast Style

Candle decor may not be one thing that you often think about. Some use candles for the scent to homey up a space and those that bring them out to illuminate a space during a storm. However, there are many great and creative ways to use candles that fall in between the spectrum. We have compiled a quick list of useful ways to use candles for warm, homey, or even contemporary inspiration in your space.


Statement-Making Lanterns

Lanterns are magical. So many stories and myths involve the lantern, so when you add lanterns to your decor, you bring a bit of that magic with you. They also provide a bit of safety for lit candles and help direct the light into a warm, peaceful glow. Use lanterns of different heights and shapes for more design drama.

Odor Eliminating and Pretty

As much as we all love our furry friends, they can leave a stink behind them, especially after a day in the water or on the beach. Non-toxic candles that also help to freshen the air and neutralize these smells can be a lifesaver. Additionally, many of them come in great jars or accents that fit right in with the decor but serve double duty in your home. Find odor-eliminating candles in your favorite composition from soy to other mixes and smells that are sure to be so much better than a wet dog.

Beachy Decor
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Beachy Decor

These inexpensive “lion’s paw” shells create a peaceful ocean ambiance but can be done with any shells you prefer. To create this craft, fill a shallow tray with sand, arrange pairs of your prettiest specimens, and place a votive candle at the center of each pair (leaving room for the flames to flicker safely). Set the tray on a low table, and enjoy a quiet drink on the patio.

Flameless for the Win

Many love the look of candles for ambiance, snuggling with a good book, or even party settings. That said, the smell, hot burning wax, and even open flames can be a deterrent to using them for decor. Think flameless for the win when decorating your home with candle-centric decor. These candles have come a long way and give off the same type of lighting that traditional candles do without the side effects of normal candles.

Gel candles
Source: HGTV

Gel Candles to Fit All Decor

Gel candles allow you to use nearly anything from your home or other arts and crafts supplies to make a candle. These can be clear or cloudy and allow you to get scented or not candles to accentuate your decor. Of course, this also makes a great idea for gift giving and basically the scky is limitless on what you can do with gel to mesh your decor with some soft lighting of candles.

Are you going to stop the next time past a candle aisle at your favorite decor store now? Was there at least one idea on the list you might not have considered previously? Even with warmer weather right around the corner, candles can help add a little extra touch to any decor, no matter the season.

Happy decorating Suncoast!

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