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Can I trust him?

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Original Letter

Hi my name is Delia Rojas I am 23 years old settling down with my fiance i am just having a hard time trusting him. I need help with seeing the red flags in this relationship so i can fix them or end this relationship before it gets to far in.

Elder Response

Delia, trust is the foundation of any relationship. Without trust, there is no relationship at all. You haven’t said what kind of trust issues you are having with your fiance, but, whatever they are, you have to resolve this now. Sit down with him and tell him that you are committed to the relationship, but it isn’t working for you the way it is now. Tell him what would work for you. Then listen to him. Hopefully, he will value your relationship enough to be willing to change. If not, then he isn’t a good match for you. You deserve a relationship based on trust.

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Elder ReneeRenee is a Realtor in the Washington, DC area. She also has a home in Bradenton, FL. She is married, with three children and five grandchildren. Her website is www.lifeintheboomerlane.com.

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