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I Believe that the object of Life, and the desire of whatever ‘Higher Power’ we believe in – Wants us, and is … to BE HAPPY, ENJOY our time here, and Live in a State of Well-Being.

*What works for me, and what I use and share with my clients is a procedure that includes principals of – ‘Cognitive Psychology’, ‘The Law of Attraction’ (which states “Like Attracts Like”), and ‘Vibrational Matching’ (which guides us to align our Thoughts, Emotions and Beliefs … with what we Truly Desire).  

Breaking it down to even simpler concepts … recognizing that our Thoughts Create our World, and the more we can keep our thoughts Positive, and at a Higher Vibrational Frequency, the more Positive we will see and experience all around us, in people, circumstances and possibilities.  


Well-Being is experienced when we BELIEVE that we have the ability to access Options that FEEL GOOD to us, for every challenge that we face.

Inhibitors to WELL BEING

Your New Truth Life Coaching1.    Thoughts – Judgments or coming from a ‘Right vs Wrong’ mind set. Judging other people or their actions.  We have no control over how other people think, behave or act.  And what we may see as ‘wrong’ may not include what They have experienced or what has influenced them.  What may seem wrong to us, may not to them and it is not our job to act as judge and jury.  We only control OUR actions, OUR thoughts and how WE React.  And that is all we are responsible for.
2.    Strong Desire to Change a Person or Situation.  We want to change something that we do not have control over and that makes us feel powerless.
3.    Our BELIEF does NOT match our Desire.  This occurs when we do Not believe we have the ability to impact this situation. This ‘Disparity’ causes an imbalance in us – an internal struggle. This may manifest itself as ‘Stress’ which can impact our emotional and/or physical health.

WORRY = FEAR (FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real)

When we feel Powerless or Victimized can cause us to feel immobilized and/or Incapable of Deliberately Creating the life we desire.
Identifying ourselves as a Victim will cause us to attract More reasons to feel like a victim, hence causing More Stress. Keep reminding yourself ‘we Create our world – and I am Not a Victim’.

In an attempt to ‘feel better’ we may …

1.    Keep asking ‘WHY’ and analyze something Over and Over and Over, holding us back from moving forward.
2.    Try to control others or get them to do something to make US feel better.
3.    Try to control or manipulate a situation to get what We want.
4.    Try to change ourselves (step out of ‘Self-Integrity’) in order to give someone else what They want.
5.    Point fingers of Blame – at others …. or even ourselves.


·    Pay attention to Negative Emotions – it is a sign that you need to shift your thoughts toward the direction of your Desires.
·    When you feel Negative Emotions or feelings – ASK yourself ‘What NEW DESIRE does this bring forth in me?’ – Recognize the Options you now have.
·    Focus your Thoughts on the New Desire  – rather than on the Fear of not having what you want. Fear creates stress and sends our being out of balance.
·    Set the Intention to Align your Beliefs with your Desires – Direct your subconscious mind to Affirm your New Beliefs.
·    Consciously Look for Thoughts that feel Better for you.

Additionally (when Possible) –
Exercise – go for a walk – consciously Pay Attention to Everything around you – What you See, What you Feel, What you Hear, What you Smell, What you Taste.

Larry J. Rifkin – Law of Attraction Master Life Coach – 941-374-1077

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BE HAPPY, ENJOY Our Time Here, Larry Rifkin

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