No More Texting

Attention Friends,Relatives and Associates- NO MORE TEXTING!

Well, almost no texting.  Here’s the deal.  I don’t like texting….never did, but have to use it, or do I?  When texting first got popular, it was for a quickie note……See you later, I love you, be home at 12,  meet you for lunch at noon,  need anything from the grocery store?… know the deal.  Well, that has all changed.

Now, we all use text messages for long and drawn out conversations.  We are all writing novels in our text messages….paragraph after paragraph, word after word.  Just last week I sent a long text to a person, and I sent it to the wrong person.  OMG!  It could have been very embarrassing.  I am sure that everyone reading this article knows what I mean and has screwed up something in translation in their text messages.  I know someone that sent a text message saying “I love you, let’s make love tonight” and he sent it to the wrong girl!  Yikes!

So, effective immediately:  To my associates at Sande Caplin & Associates and to all of my friends & relatives-  Don’t send texts to me that are longer than 2 sentences…MAX!  I won’t read them.  If it is important enough, do something unique…..CALL ME ON THE PHONE!  I like to talk on the phone to my friends, relatives and business associates.  It’s cool and fun and it “makes my day!”  

If you agree, pass this article along to someone who does nothing all day but texts, texts, texts.  We all know folks who are addicted to their texting and can’t stop.  

I guess very soon their will be an organization similar to AA……”Texters Anonymous.”  So to all of you who are OMG, LOL, TTYL……… It’s over!  And, VERY IMPORTANT……PLEASE DON’T TEXT & DRIVE.

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