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Veteran's Day

A Veteran’s Day Salute

| Sande Caplin |

Over the years, I have seen so many great stories about Veteran’s Day.  Besides being special for all of our Veteran’s, it is my daughter Lindsay’s Birthday.  Some of us are able to go on Facebook and say some really nice things about our family and friends who are Vets.  Here are a few that caught my eye on Facebook with a some photos.  It would be a privilege if you would add your comments about any Vet that you know at the bottom of this article and if you want, a link to your Facebook page.  This will be a wonderful way to keep the memory alive!

Karen Olcott's DadFrom my friend Karen Olcott:  Happy Veteran’s Day to all our brave and generous soldiers who put their lives on the line for us to preserve the values and ideals this country was built on. Proud to have had many vets in my family – Dad, brother, two uncles and my husband – wonderful, honorable men all. So proud of our military past, present and future !

Laurie Mirkin's DadFrom my friend Laurie Mirkin I used to call my Dad on this day and thank him for being in the Air Force and flying all those treacherous missions over Berlin to keep us safe in the U.S. Thanks Dad, in heaven. Miss you!

Robin Mirkin honors her dad!Laurie’s Sister, Robin MirkinSaluting all Veterans! So grateful for your service, sacrifice, and valor.
Thanks, Dad, for your courageous service My lifelong hero

From my pal, Bruce FamiglioHeres to you Dad ! You were part of a very different & rare generation… You did what you had to do. Without reservation or hesitation. I think of you often. I know I didn’t say it much but we both knew. I love you Buddy !

Bruce Famiglio Honors His Dad

Tim Techandphoto63 years Dad on a hill in Korea..I honor you today Pop 

Tim Honors His Dad!

Please…..share your thoughts & comments about your “Vet” below and if you wish, a link to your Facebook Page.

Happy Veteran’s Day.

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