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A "Local" Who Has Her Own Hurricane Irma Escape Plan

A “Local” Who Has Her Own Hurricane Irma Escape Plan

| Sande Caplin |

Everybody please….just breathe!  Make a plan. Be ready. We have a few days to do this. Then, relax. I have a plan A, and a plan B depending on where this thing goes.

Plan A, is if she goes to the east of us. That puts us on the “good side” as far as surge. That’s the killer, not wind. I hunker down at home, storm shutters in place with my kids, grandkid and pups. Food and water for everyone for a week. Gas for the generator. Simple, right?

Plan B, is if she gets into the Gulf and does a Hurricane Donna move…hook back to the east and slam into us or just north of us…if she gets up to oh, say Ft Meyers and hasn’t hooked back to the east yet…we’re loading up, head east and south and loop back around behind her with enough supplies for 3 or 4 days on the road if need be.

We will know a day ahead of time if she makes it through the straits into the Gulf. Plenty of time to bug out if you’re circumventing the storm. Simple. Either way, if you have your shit together, it’s an adventure, not a nightmare.

Please, don’t forget to breathe.

Note: Rose Lipe is a “local” who has lived in South Florida all of her life!

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