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A Flying Dog Café Family Member Needs Your Help

| Bruce Famiglio |

“In life’s hectic journey, we try to find a way to unwind. For most of us, this means flying to exotic destinations in search of relaxation. Many of us do so with those who are closest to us. For some people, this is man’s best friend. Our goal at the Flying Dog Cafe represents that destination for relaxation and companionship.”

I wrote the mission statement for The Flying Dog Cafe when I opened in 2003.  Although the Dog is no longer a physical place of companionship, friendships, and great music, there still remains the great memories and the friendships that fostered over the years since I closed the Dog to be a full-time dad and take care of my health.

Member in Need

The other day I heard some news about one of our Flying Dog family members Randy Friese who has found himself in an extremely difficult situation. Randy was always there to help all of us no matter what the task was.  All of us were invited to his home for great food and music twice year and his only request was not to pay for the food and beer but was to show up and have fun. 

Due to accidents which were not of his fault, and in one instance the person of fault had no insurance, so he has fallen on hard times.  These accidents have caused injury to a point where the doctor has told him until he has surgery he should not move and most definitely not work since his work is all physical.

His truck was totaled with no compensation due to the other person not having insurance, he has lost his well-established business which in turn forced him to lose his home, and at this point with no income, Randy is one step away from being homeless. He is scheduled to have shoulder and knee surgery hopefully within the next 60 days. Then to be followed by several months of rehab.

I want to again emphasize that none of the accidents was Randy’s fault.  He is a man of great pride and now finds himself being in need. 

 When I found out about his situation, it compelled me to immediately generate a GoFundMe account.   He needs help immediately. Now he finds himself not being the one who gives to others but one that needs others.

Please join me and contribute anything you can. These are difficult times for us all but also the time when we need to come together to help those that need help regaining their balance in life.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and compassion.


May the spirit of the Flying Dog be with you.

Bruce R. Famiglio

Photo from Bruce Famiglio

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