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A Day at the Museum of Natural History, New York City!

A Day at the Museum of Natural History, New York City!

| Sande Caplin |

There is something very special about going to a museum… especially my favorite of all-time, the New York Museum of Natural History. The last time I was there was when I took my kids- about 30 years ago! Now, I had the opportunity to go with 3 of my grandboys and several family members. My son-in-law, Rob gave us a fabulous Christmas gift- a day at the museum.

Museum of Natural HistoryOh, what a day it was! Where did we go first? Of course, it was the Dinosaur exhibit. I was amazed that the whole viewing experience was better than ever. I watched the boys checking out the different sizes and shapes of these massive animals. The expressions on their faces told it all. They were having so much fun.

Butterfly display at the New York MuseumThe Butterfly Conservatory was just fabulous. So many species of butterflies and they would actually land on you! It was just so beautiful.

A day at the museumWe had watched “A Night at the Museum” a few days earlier so of course we went to see President “Teddy” Roosevelt, The Native American Exhibit, and so many of the animals that looked real and alive and so much more.

Dumb dumb at the MuseuemThe 3-D movie, “Earth Flight” was phenomenal and was very special for both the adults and kids. The final was the Haydn Planetarium show, “Dark Universe”. Again, it was awesome for everyone!

The Sarasota Post museum visitWe ended the day with everyone having dinner at Pappardella. Oh boy, some of the best Italian food ever. We sang “happy birthday” to grandpa “Andre” and you could just feel the love. Thank you Rob and Lindsay for a fabulous day. The 90-minute trip back home to Long Island was so delightful as the kids shared their experience of the day.

If you get the chance, this is a must-see museum. Take the kids, the grand-kids or just go yourself. Enjoy!

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