Savannah Brady

A 15 Year Old Young Lady Can Make A Difference

Yesterday,  Savannah Brady, 15 years old from Northport, Florida, wrote an accurate and informative article in the Sarasota Post regarding the Noise Ordinance Issue and the meeting that was held on Tuesday, 4/22.  The response and readership to the story was amazing.  It was read in over 22 states and 9 countries.

A few more words about Savannah. …..  I have never met a more courteous, gracious and unassuming young lady.  She lights up a room.  A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of having Savannah and her mom Jodie as guests to several events at the Sarasota Film Festival.  I could not have made a better choice.  

Oh, Savannah is quite witty.  Yesterday, I had the pleasure of listenting to her perform.  I showed her my new cell phone (Samsung Galaxy 5)    ….I know she is a cell phone junky!  She asked to take a look.  An hour later she gave it back to me!  As we were leaving to go home she said, “hey Sande, check out the new game app on your phone!”  Yup, Savannah downloaded a great game for this kid to play.  Thanks, young lady!

Savannah, just “keep on doing what you’re doing.”  You’re making us all so proud.  If you missed the story, here is the link.

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