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Spring Cleaning

7 Tips to Organize Your Home During Your Spring Cleaning Here on the Suncoast

| Angela Naff |

It’s that time of year again to think about deep cleaning your home. Holiday seasonal decorations might still be cluttering up some corners, warmer blankets, and home decor needs a refresh. While the spring cleaning bug might be hitting hard with the changeover of the season, it can be daunting to try and figure out where to start. We have some amazing tips to help you organize your home this spring with minimal effort and big rewards.

Pick a Central Spot

When organizing a space, gathering all clutter and items into the same place is important. It’s easier to determine what to keep and what to discard if all items are in one central location. From there, sorting things into individual categories becomes essential. Once items are sorted into like categories, you have a much better idea of what needs to be organized, discarded, donated or stored. Additionally, you feel a lot of accomplishment as the pile is resolved.

Spring Cleaning of the Pantry
Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Check the Dates

Spring is a great time to check expiration dates on canned goods and spices. Empty your pantry shelves and toss any items that have expired, paying special attention to seasonal items like canned pumpkin. If you didn’t use your pumpkin puree last year, it’s not going to be good for next Thanksgiving. After wiping your pantry clean, arrange items into categories, such as breakfast items, sauces, condiments, or snack foods. Use bins or baskets to keep items contained and designate a spot for everything.

Spruce up Living Room

Living rooms are made for, well, living—but that doesn’t mean they have to fall into chaos every day. Sometimes, all you need is a few clever storage solutions (hello, throw blanket storage) and smart ideas for hiding cords and you’re on your way to a more organized and livable space.

Set a Timer

As you tackle your home, drawers, closets, and all other areas that need a good spring cleaning, time yourself. This might seem silly, but it can be overwhelming when trying to take on so much in addition to your normal daily tasks. Set a time, fifteen minutes, for example, to commit each day to clean. That way, you don’t get overwhelmed; it is a task you check off and feel progress toward regularly. Additionally, little wins start to add up without a huge time commitment away from the other things you love or need to accomplish.

Cleaning Products Could be the Problem

Many will find that the cleaning closet or cabinet is the messiest area of the home. Try to pick one all-purpose cleaner you like for most of the work around the home. Many products can be used on hardwood, glass, and other surfaces. Minimizing and organizing the items you will be using to clean can help keep clutter at bay and simplify life this spring.

Be Ruthless

You might be scratching your head on this one, but truly be ruthless when organizing and cleaning your spaces this spring. If you don’t love something, know if you will use it again or think you could find another purpose for it – get rid of it. Donate, give away, and ensure that you are ruthless when considering what you keep in your space. This mindset will make the process easier to flow through but also might surprise you with how much space you find filled with mediocre items in your home.


Make It a Family Affair

Ensure that baskets, hooks, and even bedroom organizers are in place to accommodate all family members. Putting away toys, hanging up book bags, or stowing shoes when you walk in the house ensures your spring cleaning and organizing efforts can be maintained into future seasons. When organizing, make sure you consider all members of the family and what might help each stay more organized and work that into your efforts.

Which tip did you find most helpful? Are you ready to tackle some items daily and see what you can do with your home this spring? Declutter, clean, and refresh with brighter spring and summer colors throughout. The change in scenery and feeling of accomplishment will surely buoy your spirits and renew you.

Happy Spring, Suncoast – out with the old and in with a new season!

Feature photo courtesy of Deposit Photos

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