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7 Actionable Tips Every Business Should Try

Are you a small business owner that’s concerned about the future of your dream? If you answer yes, whatever the reason, read on as we share some actionable tips that could turn your frown upside down.

Our author here, Jacek Michalski, has helped numerous small business owners in Poland with expert advice. He regularly consults companies, including the marketing team at Lucky Bird Casino, on how to increase their digital presence and footprint.

All types of business organizations need a solid business strategy; none can survive without it. If you’ve neglected to tailor one for your business, don’t fear, it’s never too late to start.

Without any further adieu, let’s jump right in.

1. Take Stock of Where Your Business Is At

One of the major contributing factors that make small businesses work is owner-driven passion. It’s, unfortunately, also one of the reasons why it fails. It’s difficult to acknowledge that somewhere in your planning, you got it wrong.

Passionate people tend to fight for their dreams, but sometimes your vision needs a little adjustment to prevent it from becoming a nightmare.

The secret to turning it around is to be brutally honest with yourself on where your business is at, compared to where you envisioned it would be. Once you have a transparent and unbiased perspective on this point, it’ll be easier to recognize what needs to change.

2. Embrace Change

If your balance sheet shows that your revenue can’t support your expenses, be willing to change. Don’t look at it as a failure. Change is always good, and the perfect opportunity to grow in a healthier direction.

If you’re renting shop or office space at a high premium, consider finder more affordable premises. Move your business online. It’s the direction the world is moving in, and it’ll be more comfortable for a company to grow and develop with this global change if it starts now.

3. Cut Cost Throughout Your Business

Out with the old, and in with the new is an old saying that’s always fresh. You have to get rid of every expense that’s not contributing to the healthy growth of your business.

If you’re remodelling your business strategy, it must also include the human resources you’re paying for. Be honest about the tasks you can do yourself, and stop paying others to do it for you. It would be best if you excluded employees that are not directly adding value to your revenue stream from your new business plan.

4. Invest in What Works

Actionable Tips

As fast as you need to let go of what’s costing you unnecessary money, you also need to invest more in what and who boosts your business. Whether it’s a person or a product, show your appreciation by investing more.

When you make cuts in your expense budget, it leaves more room to reward or boost the aspects that are contributing to your success.

If one specific product or service far outperforms others, make more time and money available to boost it. It could help you to streamline your operations and increase your bottom line profits.

5. Engage in Social Media Marketing

There are excellent marketing tools available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The power of social media is greatly under-estimated and utilized.

Now that you’ve revamped your outlook on your small business, it’s the perfect time to engage with your potential clients through social media. You don’t even have to reinvent the wheel. Facebook has marketing tools that allow you to get onto the screens of the exact demographic audience you need for your business.

Social media for small business tips that work include:

  • Be consistent
  • Engage with your audience on a personal level
  • Use the available tools

6. Listen to Customer Feedback

The remarkable aspect of social media engagement is that your customers have free access directly to you. It scares some business owners as negative feedback can be hard to hear. Once again, look at the positive side of it and how it can help you streamline your business.

7. Take Time Off

The best way to stay focused on the job at hand is to rest when you need it. As a small business owner, it can be challenging to maintain a balanced schedule, but you need downtime that doesn’t include any work. Set aside one day a week and spend it with family or friends, with a ground rule that you may not discuss business.


If you can apply some or all of these organization business tips, you’ll eventually reap the rewards. A small business is a very personal matter, and you don’t have to suffer if your business suffers. You need to remain level-headed and take every action required to stay ahead in the game.

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